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10 Reasons : Why Telegram is better than Whatsapp

WhatsApp was released in January, 2010 , while Telegram was launched in August, 2013, more than 3 and half years later after WhatsApp launch.

Telegram made some improvements over Whatsapp, This is what we have noticed.

  • Telegram Webapp is same like Mobile App : Web Version of Telegram Messenger application works just like Desktop or Mobile version. It doesn’t require any QR Code Scan like WhatsApp. You get the option to use any mobile number even on the web version, and you receive a text message from Telegram with verification code.
  • No Limitation on Images and Videos for Share : WhatsApp allows to send up to 1o videos or photos only at a time, but Telegram puts no boundaries. With Telegram, you can not believe the number of Pics / Videos, it could be even 1000 ( Never tried ). If you ever try, please do share with us.
  • No Limit Play : Whatsapp is always putting restriction on Size of files / Pics / videos, but on Telegram you can even send a full movie, Do not believe my words, Try it yourself.
  • Supported File Format : On Whatsapp, you can share only Images / Videos / PDF Documents, but on Telegram you can share every format like Excel or ppt.
  • Secret Chat feature : Whatsapp does not give you secret Chat. Let’s see what exactly is Secret Message on Telegram : This feature allows user to have the safe and secure chat on any Social Messenger. Basically it does not leave any trace on server and the most important feature forwarding is not allowed, and you can choose self destruction of message time between 1Second to 1 week, and the chat history will be erased automatically without leaving a trace.
  • Picture-in-Picture ( PIP ) : PIP is a new feature that Telegram has added with the new version of its app. If someone has sent you a video while chatting, you can shrink the video and continue to watch and listen while doing typing messages or Chatting.
  • App Lock with TouchID / Passcode : Telegram gives you the facility of locking the App, but what about Whatsapp ?? Even if you leave the App open for longer time, it will ask you passcode when you want to access it again.
  • How about sharing a GIF : Whatsapp sends the GIF as still Image, but Telegram send s a GIF as GIF. So animation and fun is not lost. More over whatsapp does not support stickers, but on Telegram you won’t be dis-appointed.
  • Search Within ChatAlong with contact search, Telegram also allows to search within chat messages. If  you have talked to someone regarding anything, and you can’t find it, you can always use the Search option within chat to find. This feature is not available in WhatsApp, but a modded version (know as WhatsApp Plus ) has this feature as well as app locking feature.
  • User Name facility : Telegram allows to choose a UserName that is optional. If you choose a UserName, other Telegram users will be able to find you with your UserName as well as contact ID. However, WhatsApp users can be found with contact numbers only.

But in end, I will surely mention : Telegraph does not support VoIP while Whatsapp allows. This one feature is still making Whatsapp a Better choice for million of users.

If I have missed any point, please do share with us.

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