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20 Android Tips and Tricks – Get maximum out of your Phone


Android is such platform which offers most of the applications, you may need in day to day life.

Today, We are sharing 20 key Tricks which can make your life easy and improve your experience. Quite Possible, you may know most of them, but do not use.

1. Voice CommandUse ” Ok Google ” and do most of your work, like messaging, search, and much more. How to activate Voice Recognition :

Google Settings > Search & Now > Voice > Ok Google 

You have the options of Blocking Abusive Words also. You can also connect Bluetooth to use Ok Google.

2. Photo Recovery - Even if you loose your Mobile, you can still get your Photos back. You can simply save your photos with Auto backup. How to use this feature :

Open Google Photo App > Once settings completed > you can save your pictures and photos on your Gmail

You can also use Geo Tagging feature and Google Drive.

3. Discover Music around you : Simply Tap ” Ok Google ” and ask ” What song is this “. Google will do the rest for you. You will get all the details like Song Name and Artist.

4. Flashlight : Swipe down quick settings and you will find Flash ICON.

5. Non-Intrusive Call feature : How many you get bugged with an Incoming call flashing on Full Screen, while you are in mid of some thing. This feature is in-built, you just need to activate this.

Once activated, Incoming Calls will be display on the upper part of the screen, instead of whole screen

6. Guest Mode : Some one asks for your phone, and you are worried about privacy of pictures and messages. Before giving the phone to any one, Activate Guest Mode by clicking User in Quick Settings.

Once the phone is back, simply go to Quick Settings > Remove Guest > All the apps and Data from Guest session will be removed

7. COG Feature : This feature , I love and use a lot. If some one is asking you to lend phone and wants to use a particular App, You can be smart here. Simply hand over the phone and the catch is ” User will have the access to that particular app only what he requested “. Rest is hidden.

How to activate this feature : Settings > Security > Screen Pinning > Lock Device when unpinning ( On Mode ) > Open the App you like to Pin > 

In some of the Smartphones , options are Lock Screen & Security > Other Security Settings > Pin Windows

8. Music any time, any where : If I tell you, you can store upto 50000 Songs !! What will be your reaction ?

Google Play Music Locker can sort out all your problems of Music.

Google Play Music App > Menu > My Account > Add payment Details ( Not chargeable till you authorize ) > Visit from Laptop > Get Started by signing 30 days Free Trial > Add songs upto 50000

9. Panorama 360° : Use Photo sphere 360° Panoramic Photos. How to activate it !!

Play Store > Menu > My Apps > Google Camera > Swipe right and open Photo Sphere > Keep Dot in Circle > Pause at each Interval > Here you go, ready with Panorama

10. Public Transport Time Table : Traveling to other city / country for Business or Pleasure. Struck what to take and how much time will it take. No Worries !! Now you have Android to take care of this issue.

Simply put Destination in Google Map and you will get all the options.

Maps > Tap Blue Circle on right side corner > Type ” To and From ” > you have options of Train, Bus, Cycle, Pedestrian > Let’s say click Train > You will get all the options ( Time Table and Travel Time )

In settings you can choose following – Mode of Transport and Route Options

11. Animated Photos or GIF : Google photos do lot of fun, animation is one of them.

Google Photos > Menu > Assistant > Click + > Select Images to Animate ( Max 50 ) > Create > Done

12. Find your Phone in Silent Mode : Use Laptop and Google to find out exact location of your Android Smartphone. Not Enough, Let’s Give a Ring to your phone.

Open Google Android Device Manager > Sign In > Now you can Ring, Lock > Phone will ring for 5 Minutes even on Silent Mode > 

Always use Find my Phone to secure your device.

13. Block Un-Wanted Calls : Divert all unwanted calls to Voicemail.

Open Contact > Tab Pencil Icon > Tab the Menu Option ( Three Dots on Top Right ) > Click ” All calls to Voicemail “

14. Info Cards of Movies : You can get the complete details of the Movie you are watching.

Google Store > Download Movie > First Play than Pause to get Complete Info > Tap the Actors name to explore full options

15. Battery Saving Mode : Want to run Android for more time, Nike , Just Do It

Open Quick Settings > Click Cog Button > Battery > Menu ( Three Dots on Top Right ) > Battery Saver > Turn On > You are Done

16. One Content Across all Devices : Either Mobile or Tablet or Laptop, Get your favorite content on what ever the Device you choose.

Play Store > Menu > My Account > Payment Details ( Not charged till you authorize ) > Store Home

17. Home Screen Widgets : Look at the world at a Glance, whether pictures, Stories, News, Weather, Traffic

Home Screen > Place the finger on home screen for long > Select Widget > Add widget > Hold widget with Finger and place on Home Screen

18. Live Calendar : Use Google Calendar to add pictures to day to day Events

Google Calendar App > Click + To add Entries > Add Details and Save > Done

19. Buy from Google Store : 

Play Store > In App Menu > My Store > New Event > Add Details Save > Buy from play Store Hassle Free

20. Find Photos : You have over 5000 Photos and always struggle to find the right Photo. No More Scrolling and wasting Time, How about finding the photo within 10 seconds.

Google Photo App > Blue Search Button ( Bottom right ) > Tap Search Item > Search by Name, Place or Object or Date > Done

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