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20 iphone tricks that will make life easy

1. Typing Ease : After typing full line or paragraph, if you want to delete the whole , possibility id that you keep clicking delete arrow or keep it pressed. There is also easy way, shake mobile couple of times and editing screen will come with option Undo.

2. Scrolling Web page : If you are scrolling webpage and suddenly want to go to top, easy way to tap the top of screen and without going through the tedious process of tapping and scrolling is to touch the top of screen once.

3. Multiple Key words : i-Phone keypad gives facility of selection of multiple words in one key. Keep pressed key for long time and you will get the options of multiple words hidden that key.

4. Short Cuts : While typing website address, in the end when you long press “ . “, you can use web suffix like .us , .org, .edu , .net , .com

5. Screen Shot : Simplest way is to press home and power button together and the screen shot will store in photo gallery.

6. Internet word Search : if you want to search a particular word on a webpage, type same word in search bar and it will give you few options :

Google search
Bookmarks and History
On this page ( ** matches )

Simply click On this page option and you will see the same words listing highlighted. Bottom of screen will show you “ < > “ “ how many matches (numerical) “. Click left and right arrow to go that word.

7. Camera Feature : After opening camera, If you long press screen, it will lock focus “ AE/AF Lock “ . Good feature for photography.

8. Desktop View in Browser : Simply tap the address bar and pull down, you will get two options “ add to favorites “ and “ Desktop view “. Click Desktop view

9. Customized Text for a Call : Want to reply calls with written customized messages. Go to settings , Phone, Respond with Text.

10. Image Editing : While editing Image, Long press edited picture and you can see original image for comparison.

11. Picture Contacts : If you like to see friends picture during call or email, Simply go to setting and click facebook / twitter and update contacts. If contacts have social media, picture will be added to contacts.

12. Remove Ads while browsing : When browsing on safari, Click top left corner ( few horizontal lines ) and click just see images and text. No more disturbance by advertisements.

13. Share Location : During text message, click message details and click share my location. You will get three options. Share for one hour / share for the day / indefinite

14. Move memorable pictures in one album : Before spectating pictures, tap heart shape option and all the pictures you love, will come in one folder.

15. Find Events happening near your location : Simply put on Siri “ Now playing nearby “ and see the magic. You will be given options like movie, Reviews and much more.

16. Pictures on messaging : Specially for whatsapp, we get two options. Long click on picture will have three options – Copy / delete / forward.
Single click will open picture in separate window. You will get two options – left side will have a rectangular box with up arrow inside and right side is delete.
Rectangular box got multiple options – Save Image / Assign to contact / Set as profile photo / Forward via email / via WhatsApp

17. Sharing application / Photos with family : This is one of the most wonderful feature which I love personally.
Normally, perception is that you have to purchase applications / games separately for different users, but , here its not so. You can setup in iCloud settings about sharing applications on new devices.
Settings > iCloud > family sharing
In this, you can share iTunes and apple store purchases with 6 family members. Good point is account is not shared.
Any one can purchase any application from any phone but a message will be sent to parent Mobile asking for approval.
You can easily share / upload pictures / videos / comments within family.
You can easily track location of every family member.
You can also track lost mobiles.
I must say this feature must be used.

18. Text Messaging : Simply click contact on right top side of message screen and you get lot of options for sharing.

19. Parental Control :  Under accessibility, you will find Guided access. Turn it on. You will have some options for the apps you want to limit.

20. Xoom feature : Double Tab the Screen with three fingers and you will get Zoom menu with following options – Zoom Out / Full Screen Zoom / Resize Lens / Choose Filter / Show Controller

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