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3D Printing Technology – Future of Marketing

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3D printing technology, also commonly called Additive Manufacturing (AM), is a process that creates a three-dimensional product out of a design by depositing a chosen material in layers. It is a quick alternative to traditional methods of manufacturing, and is used extensively in niche industrial areas.

However, The Technology has changed the trends over time, and now 3D Technology can be used to produce Models for Marketing and Sales purpose also. Rather, Models produced can be sold itself.

Scope of Use

Industry Use: 3D printing finds extensive usage in areas of scientific research, food, apparel, aviation, medicine and medical research, automobiles, construction, firearms, metal casting, and medical devices.

Personal Use: 3D printers are also instrumental for designers, hobbyists, design enthusiasts, and architects to make parts, concept models, art pieces, and artefacts. 3D Printing has also started seeing usage in the chocolate printing and personalised gift printing industries.

Basic Components of a 3D Printer

Filament – This is basically the material used to build the 3D object.

Extruder – This is the extension that leads the filament to the hot end of the nozzle.

Hot End/ Nozzle – This end supplies the filament to the build platform.

Build Platform/Surface- This is where the object is given the 3D form.

How 3D Printing Works?

Simply put, a 3D printer typically prints a real object in three dimensions. Try to imagine it as your desktop printer, except that it can gift you real three-dimensional objects at the end of the printing process! It can build up a real product by a successive layering process, taking seed from CAD (Computer-Aided Design). There are various technical processes that determine the choice of materials used, but the typical concept of creating whatever you can sketch out as a model or prototype remains the same.


Cost may vary from 80,000 to 7 lac depending upon the Technology , speed and precision. Cost of filament is around 2000 / filament.

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