6 hidden features and facts for new users of iPhone

if you have just migrated to iPhone, and really fascinated to know the hidden features. This article is for you. Though there are lots of tips and tricks, which you can do on iPhone, but as a beginner, you should know some basics of iPhone.

Lock Screen Apps – Torch and Calculator 

How many of us are really aware that even if iPhone is locked, still we can access some of the Apps, specially Torch, Calculator and Camera. When you pull up the control center , you can see 5 Apps in line. Flash Light / Torch is my favorite. You can simply click the left most icon to enable the flashlight, the tiny power switch on the icon will move up to the ON position. When you turn off the flashlight, the switch will move back down to the OFF position.

World Clock Display

If you use the World you might notice that not all clock faces are the same. If you using the analog clock version, you may notice that some faces are white while others or black. This is a design cue to signify which location is currently daytime (white) or nighttime (black).

Apple Maps Logo

Have you ever seen Apple Maps Logo carefully. You will always find 280 written on it, But have you ever thought why only 280 ?? why not any other figure or mark. Well Well, The fact is 280 is the nearest Free Way to Apple HQ.


The clock ICON is not just animated, it shows the real Time on the Screen. The stock clock app displays the current time and has a working seconds hand that moves on home screen.

Touch ID

You can allocate one Touch ID for each of the functions, whether it’s Apple Pay, or Apple Store or iPhone Lock. If you place an assigned finger on the Home Button the respective Fingerprint will turn gray. This makes it easy for you to see which finger is assigned to its particular name.

Apple Maps – Globe View

When you use the satellite view function, you can zoom out to the globe and see where it is nighttime and daytime. If you look closely, you can see it creep across the globe.

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