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How to add double Tap on iPhone


Smarttap is one application initiated by Jailbreak, and it allows you to wake up and sleep iphone with double tap, this feature wasfirst available in LG G2 

This also allows you to use other features like swipe up and swipe down, lock screen, open apps.

How to Install Smarttap

Link to Install Smarttap

  • Launch Cydia app from your iDevice’s springboard and tap the Search button on lower navigation menu to search for SmartTap tweak
  • Go to BigBoss repository – Here it’s paid for $ 1.99
  • Another option is to – Install Xsellize repository (
  • After Installation, Quit Cydia Springboard
  • Restart Device
  • Navigate to settings > Smarttap settings
  • Configure as per your choice


  • stock Settings app to find preferences
  • Inside of SmartTap’s preferences, you’ll find two different sections for configuring gestures—when the screen is off, and when the screen is on
  • When the screen is off, you can use a double-tap gesture, swipe-up gesture, or a swipe-down gesture to perform one of three actions.
  • The actions are as follows: turn on the screen, unlock device, and launch application.
  • To unlock or launch an application, you must use the device without a passcode, otherwise you will be met with an enter passcode screen, interrupting the flow of the tweak
  • When you have the screen on, you can use a double tap gesture to lock the device when at the Home screen or when at the Lock screen.
  • When at the Home screen, you can double-tap on any area that doesn’t have any app icons or folders.
  • SmartTap’s “smart touch detection” features is there to ensure that the device does not detect false touches while in your pocket, purse or other places where it could detect a false touch.

What all you can do with Smarttap

  • Requires iOS 7
  • Turn on the screen by double-tapping it
  • SmartTap gives your iPhone, iPod or iPad a new impossible feature: You can turn on the screen by double tapping it while its completely off! (similar to a few other phone brands’ Knock capability)
  • Use gestures like slide up from the bottom or slide down from top of the screen while its off, and have it perform a different action like, unlock the device or launch a particular application
  • Right from your locked device with the screen being off
  • Ideal for any use, you will give your power and home button a rest, since you can both turn on, unlock and lock the device by double-tapping the screen
  • Its also a great solution for device with broken home button, sleep button or both.
  • The application uses the digitizer sensor when the screen goes off, without keeping the screen on
  • There is a flipswitch provided so you can turn the tweak on or off at any time and more power options to customise with.


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