Android M Tips and Tricks – 10 Top hidden Tricks


Android M is the latest version from Google, but it has lot of usage if you knwo every thing about it. Today, We decided to share all the hidden Tip and Areas which you can explore , play around, and optimize usage of your Smartphone.

1. Uninstall apps from your home screen or app drawer

Android M gives you the feature like Apple, where in if you keep pressing the app Logo for long time, you can simply delete it by clicking cross mark. In Android, the moment you long click app logo, on Top you will see Trash Icon, you can simply Drag and either in Trash can or Remove.

App Trash or Remove

App Trash or Remove

2. Android M Developer Option

What’s So special, In every Android Smartphone, you can activate Developer Option.
But in Android M, there is more in Developer Option :
Desktop Backup Password
Stay Awake
Enable Bluetooth Log
OEM Unlocking
Running Services
System UI Tuner

Androidm-Developer Option

3. App Permission Level

This was a big time reliefe for every user. You can now grant permission to apps, wehere in you share what all info you like to, or else limit the permission level of the App.

In case, The apps are already installed, you can still change the permission.

Go to Settings > Apps > Overflow Menu > Advanced > App Permissions

Androidm-app permission2Androidm-App permission

4. Customize Quick Settings

This can be done via UI Tuner, The UI Tuner is available when you wake up Developer Otion.

In Developer Option, Turn On ” Show System UI Tuner ”


5. RAM Manager

The new Memory Section in advanced gives you a clear picture of RAM usage. Accordingly you can force stop Apps to Optimize RAM.


6. Associate Links

Android M allows you to link Apps with the Links send to you. Like you eceive a Facebook Link and it asks you how to open it and with what app, Android M will open it directly with Facebook M.

7. Activate Google now on Locked Screen

Android M has replaced Lock screen shortcuts with Google Now. Swipe from bottom left side to activate Google Voice Command.


8. Switch On Multi-Window

Multi-window mode is like PIP ( In TV’s ), lets you open

Activate Multi-window mode by clicking this link – XDA Forums 

Multi Window

Multi Window

9. Improve GPS location accuracy

What if GPS Signal is not good, what’s the option to improve accuracy of location. Bluetooth !!! How come Bluetooth can sense GPS Signals, I don’t believe this.
Let’s see if it works or no.

You can do so by going to :

Settings > Location > Activate High Accuracy

This Option will get the location based on GPS, Wi-fi, Neares Tower and Bluetooth


10. Doze Mode for specific Apps

Doze Mode in Android M helps to increase the battery life. But, In Android M, you can select apps in which you can switch off Doze Mode.

Settings > Battery > Menu > Battery Optimization > Tap Down arrow > All Apps > Tab the App you want to switch off Doze Mode > Select Option ” Don’t Optimize ”


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