Android smartphone common problems and solutions

Android is the widely used OS today, We are sharing few android key issues and best solution 

1. Phone Heating up – This is a very common issue and it can happen if display is on for a long time specially on games. give it some rest and if possible use an app which can measure temperature and related issues.

2. Battery draining fast : There are lot of reasons for this –

– Too many applications are running in back ground. Close the applications if not using.

– Check wi-fi and GPS, if on and signals are not there, please stop wi-fi and GPS.

– Screen brightness is high, please adjust screen brightness manually.

3. Phone hanging or slowing down : This is the most common android issue. Phone is also like computer, where in we use external drives in case if storage is full and we keep cleaning cache memory. Check phone storage capacity and move applications to SD card and clean cache.

4. Sync issues with Computer : It may happen in some mobiles. Please check if you have installed proper drivers and softwares specially this problem occurs in LG mobiles.

5. Network / wi-fi connectivity : There are two ways : try switching off wi-fi and switch on. If still problem exist, please restart mobile.

6. Application closing automatically  / application does not start : This happens when any application needs update. If not, than force stop application and restart. If problem still persists, clean data or re install application.

7. Increase speed of Android : For this you need to activate Developer Option. In Developer option, Go to Window Animation Scale and set it off. Window Animation Scale is the length of time that Android takes to animate a popup window. If it is set to ’10x’, for example, it will take a long time for a popup window to appear.

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