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Apple another Controversy – This time on Racial Discrimination


Recently, Apple has been under lot of pressure, specially because of inadequate working hours in China Factory. Now Apple falls again in a pit, this time because of one of the Staff member who reportedly threw out 6 Black Students out of the store.

Allegations are baseless, One of the Staff Member took out 6 young members based on the fear ” These guys are just a bit worried about your presence in our store. They’re just a bit worried you might steal something.”

Though the young boys stated ” Why would we steal some thing ? “, but the Store member kept his decision forcible ” Guys, This is the end of discussion. I need to ask you to leave ” Our Store “. “

I am shocked to hear this word ” Our Store ” ??? What the hell !!!

Now the question is , Where this incident happened !! As always, The most Controversial Country for Racial Discrimination, where lot of Indians fell prey of Racial Discrimination.

Yes, you got it right, None other than Australia. HighPoint Shopping Center, Melbourne, Australia. 

The video went viral and got 330 k likes and lot of criticism from the viewers.

You can watch the video at Twitter, posted by Cryptgirl

So these men who work @ the Apple Store, refused to let in Somali/Sudanese students in. Racially discriminating them

Now, the other side of Story – This Video is only 20 seconds and does not say anything about firing of students from job. It simply says ” leave the store “. Possibility is, as per Standard Operating Procedures, Bags are not allowed inside the Stores. But, The key question is, If the bags are not allowed inside the store, How come the students got through Security ?? Is it Security lapse ??

There could be many version, till Apple clarifies the stand.

According to Melbourne newspaper The Age, the manager of the Apple store has since met with the boys and apologized.

Mabior said: “She said we were welcome here anytime. It feels like we have justice now.”

A spokeswoman from Apple told the newspaper it was looking into what happened.

Update :

After four African students were barred from entering an Apple store by an employee who thought they ‘might steal something,’ CEO Tim Cook emailed all Apple employees condemning the racial profiling.

CEO Tim Cook Says Black Teenagers Getting Ejected From Store Is ‘Unacceptable’

Source : Twitter  and itv

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