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Apple finally unveiled their new iPhone and iPad at their March 21st Press event


Apple had a press event on March 21st, and the theme was “Big things come in small packages.” The world was able to get a glimpse of the heavily rumored iPhone SE and its partner in crime, the iPad Pro, 9.7 inch edition along with some updates dealing with the Apple Watch ad iOS 9.3 – but we were mostly excited about the iPhone and iPad. This unveiling was an exciting one as some interesting details about these devices surfaced. Let’s take a look at these two new devices.

iPhone SE

The jury is still out on what the heck the “SE” in the name stands for, but that’s not the hot topic of this device. What we have here is a phone that almost perfectly mimics the design of the iPhone 5S; an odd step for the company on paper, but the 5S has arguably the most elegant design of the iPhones – that’s up to personal preference of course. It’ll come in a fair assortment of colors, including Rose Gold. What’s interesting, and rather pleasing about this device is the fact that, though it’ll sport the outer shell of the 5S, it’ll have the internals of the 6S. Yes, this phone will be a power house. It’ll be packing the A9 SoC, the updated fingerprint sensor, the 12 Megapixel iSight camera that’s good for 4K video recording, support for “Hey Siri!” and Apple Pay. What will be missing is 3D touch, which wouldn’t upset most users to be honest. With this spec set, it’s hard to deny that this is going to make a few waves among Apple fans. What’s as interesting as the specs this phone is packing is the screen size: 4 inches. In this day and age, it’s hard for most to fathom having a 4 inch device. Many users have had a 4 inch device at some point (myself included) but the trend is pointing toward bigger and bigger devices being the norm. The iPhone 6S and 6S plus showed us that Apple was starting to follow the trend; the 6S having a 4.7 inch display, and the 6S plus having a 5.5 inch display. What would possess Apple to take a step in the other direction with screen size? Well, Apple stated that a around 30% of last year’s iPhones had 4 inches screen, so they believe that this choice in screen size will work just fine. Whether of not people dig the 4 inch screen size, it’s undeniable that an iPhone with internals such as these, housed in such a nice body and with a price tag of $399 to start, will most likely sell like hot cakes.

iPad Pro 9.7

Many of us in the tech world prayed that Apple wouldn’t bring the title “Pro” to their next iteration of the iPad; well our prayers weren’t answered as we have a new 9.7 inch slate sporting that name. This new iPad won’t be named anything different, just iPad Pro 9.7 inch variant. Looking past Apple’s deplorable choice of names, we have a pretty attractive device on our hands. As suggested by the name, features that were present in the original iPad Pro tricked down to this new tablet. On the outside, it’ll have the design of the iPad Air 2, but internally, it’ll have the guts of the iPad Pro, along with some of its features. It’ll have the Apple A9X SoC with 4 gigabytes of RAM, the four speaker set up and support for the Apple Pencil. What’s new is the ambient display, which adjusts the color temperature to match the condition of the light surrounding you. Though interesting, it isn’t much to brag about. What’s also new is the camera; it’ll now have the 12 megapixel iSight camera that’s present in the iPhone 6S, which means that it can record video in 4K. With this also comes an LED flash. This is what the original iPad Pro should have been, a powerful and well rounded device in a smaller and sleek package. Hopefully this will breath some new life into Apple’s tablet series, as even the iPad is slave to the declining interest of the tablet market.

These new goodies should be enough to tide Apple fans over until the unveiling of the iPhone 7. With these devices, it seems that Apple is listening to the gripes that the world has about the price of the iPhone and the size of the iPad Pro. Now that this event is out of the way, it’ll soon be time to start focusing on the iPhone 7.

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