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Apple may be looking to a 3rd company to produce AMOLED displays


It’s been rumored for a while that Apple, Samsung and LG are striking up some deals to get the latter two’s superior display technologies onto future generations of the iPhone. Rumors speculated that this would happen some time in 2018, but inside sources are saying that this could happen as early as this year. Now, sources are saying that Apple could be looking to an additional company to manufacture AMOLED displays: Japan Display.

Apple has been a heavy hitter in the many departments with their mobile technology, but display technology is not one of them. Apple’s been using LCD displays up to this point for the iPhones, but it shouldn’t come as much as a surprise that they will be looking to upgrade. Samsung is the leading company when it comes to display technology, though it’s a bit odd of them going to LG, because the have been sticking true to LCD displays for their phones.

This deal could yield some major benefits all companies involved: iPhone users will have the superior AMOLED technology on their iPhones; technology that make phones like the Note 5 such a beautiful phone to look at. Also, Samsung, LG and Japan Display will get the massive inflow of revenue that will come from half the world buying iPhones with their displays. As the mobile world waits to see if this deal will come to realization, all we can do now is sit back and eat off of rumors that are constantly trickling down to us. This isn’t all bad, because an iPhone with beautiful a AMOLED display technology is definitely worth waiting for.

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