Apple Smartwatch – A luxury ?

apple watch

apple watch

Apple Smartwatch – will it be a necessity ? 

Apple’s long-awaited Watch is scheduled for launch in April, and the way consumers are diverting towards new gadgets specially smart wear Apple can sell around 15 mn watches in first year of launch depending on manufacturing capacity.

Lets have a look , what a smart watch is ? Is it all just hype, or is it really useful in the same way we rely on smartphones and tablets today?
The functionality of the smartwatches currently is fairly limited. Most of them tell the time & n date although some of them require you to press a button or flick your wrist to activate the screen. Many of them also act as an extension to your smartphone, allowing you to see who is calling you, read text messages, or check upcoming appointments.

One of the more popular features of some smartwatches is the ability to track your activity, including the number of steps you have taken and your heart rate. This data can be fed back to a mobile application that can then offer tips on how to improve your fitness. However, the problem with smartwatches today is that, although they can do all of these things, they do not do any of them particularly well.

Ben Wood stated, CCS Insight’s chief of research.”A smartwatch is a bit like a mid-range Swiss Army knife. If you want to open a bottle of wine round the campfire, you can probably just about get the cork out with the corkscrew on a Swiss Army knife, but you might end up pushing the cork into the bottle,”

But for me watch is much more than Swiss knofe. Its like having a miniature of Wine Bottle which you get in Aircrafts. Useful at times but most of the time it will be idle. Used only at special occasions.

What is more considerable, is the price of watch and battery back up. Its more like having a luxury than necessity. What can make this watch more attractive is ” special function which is difficult in iPhone either while driving or in meetings.”

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