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Apps which are vulnerable to hacking


Some Apps can put your privacy at stake, Though App developers always try to use best security, but some times Smartphone is the culprit

Whatsapp : Whatsapp can be hacked if some one has access to your phone or in case you loose your mobile. How it can happen, here are the simple steps. Actually, what i call it is a Trick, as the App and smartphone are designed in that way.

  • Set up an account on a New phone with the target number
  • As a process, Whatsapp gives two options, Verification call or Pin which is send to the Target number
  • Now, First case, if whatsapp calls, you can pick up the call and hear the Pin.
  • Second case, if you choose to receive sms, you can read the text message even in locked phone in Notification panel.
  • In both, the cases you loose whatsapp for short time
  • In case, you loose iphone , the situation becomes worst, Reason being your number can be found easily
  • Even in locked screen, Siri is activated and you can give a simple command ” My number ” and the number is displayed on screen
  • Another option is call your number using Siri, again you get the number

How to avoid this situation ?? If you have any answer do let me know.


Apple Pay : Apple pay can be hacked in a particular way. Most of this happens when you are at any Point of Sales and making a Transaction through Apple pay. Though, I have not experienced this, but one company ” Wandera ” has warned people about this hacking.

How it could possibly happen :

  • To avoid inconvenience, We normally keep wi-fi mode on ” Auto connect ” mode.
  • Hackers take advantage of this and float a free wi-fi.
  • As a default standard, iPhone will connect automatically to the wi-fi available and this is the trap.
  • Hackers create a malicious hot spot and after target is connected, a fake Portal page will pop up asking for Credit card details.
  • The portal is designed so neatly that you feel it’s Apple authorization.
  • CEO of Wandera Eldar Tuvey stated ”  Using readily available technology, which they may be discretely carrying about their person, hackers can for the first time focus their efforts where their victims are at their most susceptible at POS. Even five persons out of 100 can be a good ratio for hackers. “

The Best way to avoid this to authorize every connection.

Another scams to avoid on Phone are

  • Facebook color change
  • Facebook unfriender Tool
  • Flappy Bird which may steal your pictures
  • Activate whatsapp calling feature
  • Malicious Minecraft App for Android
  • Android Bootkit ” Oldboot.A “



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