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Four big companies set to launch products at MWC 2016


The mobile world is still feeling the impact of CES, and the count down has already started for the Mobile World Congress (MWC). A plethora of companies are going to putting their latest and greatest devices front and center in hopes of exciting interest in their brands. Among them, are four of the big dogs set to unveil their long anticipated products: Samsung, LG, Huawei and Xiaomi. These four bad boys will go head to head to see who will make the biggest waves during the event, so it’s going to be quite the show. Let’s take a look at what these guys have in store for us.


With all the rumors, news, renders and leaks coming to a boil about this OEM’s next flagship, it’s no surprise that one of the devices on Samsung’s list of launches is the Galaxy S7. Though not exactly on a day during MWC, the Galaxy S7 is believed to be unveiled during a Samsung press event one day before. (Feb. 21st) The details about what exactly will be unveiled are murky, as those who received an invite got only a tease of a new VR headset, but anyone would stake their life on the S7 being revealed to the world. There are other devices to be unveiled from Samsung, but the S7 stands out as a point of interest.


The other Korean tech giant also has plans to release around this time, and actually on the same day as Samsung. While not during MWC, it will indeed take place in Barcelona, Spain. The hot topic for LG is, of course, the LG G5. Press members, like with Samsung, were given ambiguous invites, telling them to save February 21st. If it is released on this date, the LG G5 will be launched earlier than the G4 last year. It wouldn’t come as shock if they did, as Samsung and HTC beat LG to the punch in 2015 with their flagship offerings by launching during MWC, putting them two months ahead. With the G5 and the S7 both potentially being unveiled on the same day, the mobile world will definitely feel it.


Huawei recently hinted at unveiling a new device during MWC. With the way this Chinese OEM has been sky rocketing in the recent months, we in the tech world are rather anxious to see what’s going to surface. This sort of teasing leaves much to the imagination. Some say that this will be the time Huawei unveils the P9, but that rumor is a bit skeptical. What may make an appearance is the laptop that some say Huawei is in the process of developing. There may be other products unveiled during MWC (as we all hope) so Huawei will be getting some major visits during it.


Last but definitely not least is Xiaomi. This Chinese giant has yet to attend MWC, so this is already interesting. What will be unveiled? Well it’s strongly believed that they will be taking the covers off of the Xiaomi Mi 5. It’s been a long wait for this handset and everyone’s patience will pay off. It’s said that they will unveil it on the 24th, along with an unveiling of the phone in Beijing the same day. No word has passed on whether there will be any additional products launched, but Xiaomi’s flagship will definitely be enough for most tech enthusiasts.

MWC is already a massive event in the tech world, and sometimes, the companies that attend it make it memorable. This year’s roll call consists of four huge and influential companies that will be battling it out in silent combat to see who gets the most activity. No matter how the battle goes, we consumers are always the victor. The clock is winding down and anticipation is on the rise, so stay tuned to find out more about MWC.

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