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Blackberry withdraws from Pakistan after refusing government over unrestricted Data Access


Blackberry pulls out of Pakistan denying to provide unrestricted data access to Pakistan agencies. This move came as a effect of Pakistan government asking for backdoor access to encrypted services earlier this year.

Blackberry is a company, whose smartphones are based purely on security basis, and specially the new Model ” Priv ” whose name came from privacy, is very strict with the Encrypted Data Access. It seems little strange, As the company is at a very crucial stage to maintain Biz streams and earn profitability, but still decided to pull out of Pakistan.

Blackberry stood firm on the Company policy, and the result, Pakistan Telecom Authority, instructed all carriers to stop Blackberry services by the end of 2015. Leaving Blackberry with two options, either to sacrifice Data privacy and continue Business, or two leave the business opportunity. Blackberry choose the later option to sustain Business principles.

BlackBerry stated that they are willing willing to co-operate with Government with limited Data access to law enforcement agencies for investigations purpose, but providing the backdoor unlimited access is not at all possible.

At end of the day, BB may get some business from some other countries, but the ultimate looser will be the Blackberry users.

WE may look in the possible political involvement, but users data need privacy !! The key question still remains same.

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