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Charge Mobile phone without Electricity – with Candle

candle charge

An emergency generator for your phone at time of power outages?  Candle Charger offers USB power when you need it, designed to keep phones souped up when the grid cannot. Two ingredients are involved: a candle and water, together behaving as a little indoor power plant for smartphones, to make sure you stay connected no matter what.

The device is from Stower. The company said the Candle Charger is an emergency preparedness product that you don’t know if you need it until you really need it. Other alternatives are no alternatives under certain conditions. Batteries drain quickly; solar chargers can’t help at night or indoors; hand cranks produce minimal power.

The Candle Charger is a safe, compact, and effective minitature power plant that provides on-demand electricity for USB devices when the grid can’t. It provides power anywhere you need it, indoors or out, with no cranking or batteries required.

As simple as A,B,C

  • put Candle Charger on a stand
  • fill the device bath with water
  • light the Stower candle below
  • plug in an electronic device to charge

What’s the Technology

The Candle Charger contains two core pieces of technology:

  • A thermoelectric module, also known as a Peltier cooler. Thermoelectric modules are semiconductor devices that convert temperature gradients – one side hot, one side cold – into electricity. The Candle Charger uses nontoxic bismuth telluride-based modules, which have been in mass production for over twenty years for scientific, refrigeration, and automotive industries.
  • The Stower smart circuit that conditions the power coming from the module to match power requirements of the device being charged (e.g. a smartphone).

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