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Check if your Smartphone is freezing or no – If your smartphone is exposed to extreme cold


Stepping out in Chilled weather, Suddenly smartphone battery conks off !! you do not understand the reason as the battery was still at 20 %. Not only human beings, but Smartphones also catch cold.

Though, Smartphones are designed in a way that they can withstand cold and hot temperatures, but after a limit, Smartphones may start behaving strange. You can not blame Smartphone manufacturers for erratic behavior of Smartphones, as you should read the Manual clearly.

The Manual says ” The cell phone operating temperature is between Zero degree to 35º C ( 32º to 95º F ). ”

The most common reported issues are Sim Card recognition, Battery down and condensation on screen.

  • Battery Drain / Death
    Battery Drain is one of the most common cause of Cold. Your smartphone may shut down immediately even if you are low on battery, or it may happen at 10 % – 20 %. Even exposure to extreme cold for a long time, may land up in killing smartphone battery.
  • Touchscreen Issues
    Smartphones with LCD Display are more prone to cold temperatures as compared to AMOLED Displays. Specially in Display, you may feel smudging and ghost images or may be color bleed, and some times problems in Touch. Avoid dropping your smartphones in cold, as panels may become rigid in cold temperatures and tend to crack more often.
  •  Sim card Error
    This is another key issue with the smartphones in cold. Your phone may have problems in reading the Sim card. Even sometimes, it may fail to register your smartphone on Network. So no worries, keep ur smartphone in warm area for some time and try again.
  • Liquid condensation
    Smartphones may get condensation below the display if brought from extreme cold to extreme hot area, so no worries, have patience, with time it will go off.

How to protect your smartphone all these Cold damages :

  • The basic reason for all this is extreme cold, first basic step is to avoid extreme cold.
  • Keep your smartphones near your body / purse, reason been ” Body Heat ” can keep your smartphone warm.
  • Try to use weatherproof cases.
  • Do not leave your smartphones in car overnight, as extreme ice may permanently damage your phone.
  • While removing ice, try to keep your Smartphone away, as your phone may fall in Ice.
  • Never put your smartphone on charge immediately after coming from outside. Relax and let smartphone come to Room temperature.
  • In case smartphone was exposed to extreme cold, never Turn on immediately. Settle till you get Room temperature.
  • One of the reader Avi Lamba, suggested to put smartphone in rice for couple of hours to remove condensation / moisture ( update ).

If you have any other idea in mind, please do share with us

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