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How to convert JPG to Word Document for free


Technology is advancing day by day and today you get almost every solution online. I remember the days, when I was to edit JPEG files containing words with great difficulty, either type out the whole material again, or type the new material and paste it on JPEG.

But in Today’s Scenario, you can just simply convert jpg / jpeg to word file by using OCR softwares. There are many free JPG to Word Converter softwares or Free OCR software available on the web which you can easily download and use them for converting jpg to word file format for your required image files. Before discussing “how to convert jpg to word file format” let’s have a in-depth understanding of ”  what is OCR software and how it works ” ?
What is OCR and How it Works?

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition, a technology which scans / reads the characters in the input image file and then compare with the stored character. If a match is found then the character is accepted. This technology is highly dependent on the input image quality.

If the quality of the input image is high, then the output will resemble the input to a large extent. On the contrary,  if the input image quality is low, the output may not be accurate. The reason is, OCR cannot recognize broken or hazy characters.

There is another way in which OCR works. Each Alphabet / Numeric has a unique feature and strokes. For example, the letter A has 3 strokes; mainly  / \ and – “.  Same way, Alphabet B has different features and different strokes. What OCR does is that it compares the strokes and features of the input image with that of the stored character’s strokes and features. This method is widely used and results in much better accuracy and precision.

The technology cannot work on its own. There are specific softwares ; called OCR Tools that harness the power of OCR and give you the converted output.

How to convert JPG / Image file to Word Document

You can convert the file either online or on your Laptop offline.

This method involves the use of online OCR tools to do the conversions of JPG to Word. Follow the steps below to do convert a JPG File to a Word File using online OCR Tools:

  • Go to, using the “select file” option, select the image file you wish to convert and upload it.
  • Select the language in which the text of the scanned file is written.
  • Select the desired format of your output file. The default output format is .docx
  • Then you will be required to enter a captcha. Do it and click on the convert button.
  • Your conversion should be completed. Then download the converted .docx file.

This is one of the most used Online Service, and Use Optical Character Recognition software online. Service supports 46 languages including Chinese, Japanese and Korean. This is widely used for Extracting text from PDF and images (JPG, BMP, TIFF, GIF) and convert into editable
Word, Excel and Text output formats.

The only negative point in this Software is ” You need to have an Active Internet Connection “.

Offline Converter – Download Software

Another way of converting the JPG to Word Files is offline mode, which requires downloading a OCR Software. There are lot of free OCR softwares available online using OCR technology and most of them are equally good. But We have selected one of the best OCR software, namely, JPG to Word Converter, based on our personal experience.

To convert the files using the above software, follow the steps below:

First, you need an OCR software to convert your files from the image to word format. I will use JPG to Word Converter for this purposes. Download the software from here. You can also use this link JPG to Word Converter.

  • Install the downloaded software and open it up.
  • Once you are on this screen, you have two options to open your files. Either open a saved image from your disk or else directly scan a file from your scanner
  • After scanning, you will have to select the output format. Since we want a Word file, check Word Format.
  • Now language selection, Select the language your input file is in. Here it is in English so select English.

Useful Tips for using Software :

  1. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the quality of the input image decides the quality of the output file. So always try to have a good quality input image.
  2. The software also provides features for the protection of the output document. These features include:
    • Password Protection: The software offers password protection for the output files to prevent any unauthorized access to the files.
    • Watermark: The software has a feature to add a watermark to the output file to prevent illegal distribution of your output file.

Do share your ideas about,  which OCR software you are liked and currently using for converting your jpg files into word format; Online OCR Tools or Desktop Version ? If you have a better idea, do leave it in comments, and we will update. 


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