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E3 2016 Roundup


Many of you may know that last week was E3. E3 stands for the Electronics Entertainment Expo, for those who don’t know. In the past E3 has been mainly focused on games. E3 is where games from corporations big and small are unveiled and launched later that same year. There was lots of games showcased at E3 this year, but how they were showcased was a bit different this year. Lots of games were shown off in VR. Including the new Final Fantasy.

Games weren’t the only thing showcased at E3 this year though. Microsoft announced brand new console, the XBOX One S. The One S is a slimmer, faster, and better looking version of the XBOX One that doesn’t look like a 1980s VCR. The power supply is now built right into the console, which doesn’t protrude at all to the enhanced design. It supports 4K ultra HD for BLU-Ray movies and content streamed from apps like Netflix, but sadly there is no 4K for gaming. One a better note though HDR has been added for a better visual experience while gaming and streaming content. The the XBOX One S will be available in stores in August, but you can preorder the console now. The One S can be bought in three different hard drive size variants. The first is 500 GB which will set you back $299, the second is a 1 terabyte version for $349, and the last variant comes with 2 terabyte hard drive wich will cost $399 and be available in select markets. The One S now has a stand so you can prop it up, as well as a bluetooth pairing button to pair the now bluetooth controller.

Speaking of the controller Microsoft now has a design lab where you can now customize your One S controller. It’s pretty much Moto Maker for a controller. A customized controller will set you back just under $80, and you can get it laser engraved for an extra 10 bucks. Are you going to pick one up once it hits store shelves? Let me know in the comments below.

Another announcement by Microsoft was that Minecraft Realms was coming out of beta. For those of you who don’t know Minecraft Realms opens up the ability to play with other players on a server regardless of what device or operating system you on. The devices or operating systems that support realms are iOS, Android, Windows 10, and the Gear VR. Unfortunately consoles have been left out of the mix. Also coming soon is built in support for mods.

Another piece of hardware that was shown off was the Playstation VR. It will be in stores in October and Sony said there will 50 games launched for the headset when it does come out. As far as tech behind it’s somewhat similar to the Oculus Rift where you have the headset and then a camera that tracks distance and the movement of your head. You also have the PlayStation Move controller or the DualShock controller to play games. The PS VR will set you back $400 for the base model, or for an extra hundred bucks you can get the bundle which includes a PlayStation Move controller.

There were also numerous game titles announced, but a couple big ones include Final Fantasy 15, and you can get for $59.99. Also announced was Battlefield 1, and it will be available on October 21 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

What do you guys think of all the stuff unveiled at E3? Are you going to pick up any of the stuff I talked about above?


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