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How to enable OTG support on Android Smartphone

usb otg helper

USB OTG requires capable hardware, software on which it’s enabled and the right drivers.

OTG is basically a hardware supported feature. So if your phone doesn’t support it then you can’t get it to work.

Having said that, there have been mods created by phone enthusiasts to get the OTG feature to work.

Example – Google Nexus 4
Does not support OTG out of the box. However, you can flash a custom kernel (thanks to ziddey on xda forums) and then use a Y cable
– one end to your phone
– another to a pen drive
– last one to an external battery source.

The last one is needed because N4 does not output enough power to run the OTG device and hence we need to provide additional power supply to run it.

Similarly if someone comes up with a workaround like the one above you should be able to use. Look through xda forums and you might find something interesting there.

First Step is to Root your device which you can do with King Root or One Click Root , After your device is Rooted, Please go to Google Store and search for ” USB OTG Helper

Before you go ahead with OTG Support, Remember few points :

  • This experiment may be dangerous to your Smartphone 
  • Device has to be rooted
  • Supporting Kernel / kernel modules are installed
  • USB OTG Cable is required
  • If after OTG, You feel device is getting heated, Stop immediately
  • Do not use OTG for longer time, as some smartphones may get heated up and end up burning Motherboard or chipset due to high voltage supply in host mode

Features of OTG Helper

  • Stock and custom kernels supported
  • Mount and Unmount drive with a single click
  • No Ads!
  • Full NTFS support built-in!! (from v3.0.3)
  • Automatically start on device connect (intent broadcast) (from v3.0.3)
  • Notification when drives mounted! (from v3.0.3)
  • One click access to unmount (from v3.0.3)
  • Option to enable UTF-8 if kernel support (from v4)
  • Automatically open explorer after drive mounted (from v3.0.7)
  • One click debugging and feedback (in app)


Second App to  install is ” OTG Troubleshooter ” what all it does :

Once your device is rooted and capable of OTG, This app will detect and offer solutions if any problem is detected in OTG. It will also verify, if OTG is installed in proper way or no.

How it works :

  • Disconnect OTG Cable when prompted
  • Connect OTG Cable when you are told by app
  • If every thing is smooth, you will get 4 green Dots
    1. USB Host Support
    2. OTG detected
    3. No USB Device detected in Linux
    4. No USB Device detected in Android
  • Once every thing is Ok – Option 3rd and 4th will change to – Mass Storage

Check the Video for Instructions :




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