Fastest smartphone of 2015 – Apple and Samsung Emerge as Winners

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Today, We have thousands of Smartphones around, coming in different class, like, Price or Technical or Design or Brand or Mix of these factors. But, still users are looking for two factors mainly, Price vs Technical. Today Design and Brand does not matter much.

When Price is not the Criteria, The most important feature is Technology and that too best in Class. Lets have a look at some of the features of the Premium Smartphones including Performance and Speed.

Criteria : Boot Startup Time and Task Completion 

How the Timings are calculated : Timer was started from beginning, Never stopped till the end of test. It was like a Marathon in a Stadium, where some players take slow start, but standings may change over the time. Two timers were included : One from start to end , and another one from lap to lap timing.

Criteria : Boot up, App loading, Multiple apps

Test conducted by : Tech Radar

Smartphones considered

  1. iphone 6s
  2. Galaxy S6
  3. LG G4
  4. Xperia Z5
  5. Lumia 950

1. Boot up Time

  1. iPhone 6S – 13:10 secs
  2. Galaxy S6 – 16:21 secs
  3. LG G4 – 25:17 secs
  4. Lumia 950 – 35:25 secs
  5. Xperia Z5 – 41:03 secs
  • Apple iPhone 6s emerged as a clear winner with 13.10 secs
  • In Android devices, Galaxy S6 was a winner with almost 9 secs faster than the closet Rival LG G4, but not faster than iPhone 6s.
  • Sony Z5 was the slowest smartphone with a time of almost 41 secs.

Point to notice is Z5 works on Snapdragon 810 processor, while LG G4 and Lumia 950 are on Snapdragon 808.

While running Apps, Samsung Galaxy S6 did it little faster compared to iPhone 6s and held the first postion while iPhone 6s slipped to the second position, and rest kept their same position.

When opened more apps, Lumia 950 slipped to last position and Xperia Z5 claimed 4th. However, iPhone 6s claimed first position back as Samsung lagged behind in terms of app optimization.

2. Multiple Task Completion – Final Results

  1. iPhone 6S – 2:20:25 mins
  2. Galaxy S6 – 2:26:24 mins
  3. LG G4 – 2:31:15 mins
  4. Xperia Z5 – 2:51:15 mins
  5. Lumia 950  – 3:36:29 mins

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