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Be fearless with Samsung Campaign ” Launching People “


In 2015, Samsung Electronics launched a campaign that brings together creative minds by using technology to make a real difference in society, and mainly to help young people to overcome their most common fears. Launching People is a global campaign across 12 countries with two separate elements: Mixed Talents and Be Fearless. It builds on the success of a previous campaign that helped people use technology to realize their dreams and accelerate discoveries and possibilities.

Be fearless 

Samsung’s Launching People BeFearless program wants young people to overcome their fears and unleash their full potential, with the help of the immersive experience of Virtual Reality and Samsung Gear VR.

Working closely with Facebook and Oculus, Samsung has developed a four-week VR training program designed with situations that we can encounter in our daily lives. Participants in the #BeFearless program are able to learn how to conquer their fears through this VR training.

Carolyn Everson, Vice President of Global Marketing Solutions at Facebook, said “We applaud Samsung’s efforts in using technology to help people overcome their fears. We’re delighted to collaborate with Samsung as a communication partner to share #BeFearless stories and inspire people.”

Using the hashtag #BeFearless, the public can support participants as they launch themselves directly at what they fear the most – and then take the success stories as inspiration to overcome the fears in their own lives.

#BeFearless called for volunteers to take part in immersive, four-week, step-by-step virtual reality coaching programs to overcome their fears. Equipped with the Samsung Gear VR, they found themselves in a range of potentially daunting scenarios, made even more real with lifelike audio.

The scenarios comprised three public situations. These included a school setting that required participants to engage in discussions and presentations. There was also an office setting that included a job interview, a business meeting and a conference.

The third setting introduced social situations, culminating in a toast at a wedding and a daunting awards speech.Each scenario comprised four levels of difficulty, and participants were encouraged to repeat levels until they felt completely confident. To advance to the next level, participants had to “pass” stages.

Their tests were based on scientific and medically proven criteria, such as changes in heart rate, measured using Samsung Gear S smartwatches, amount of virtual eye contact and self-assessed anxiety checks.

Mixed Talents

Samsung is making the creative spark of “Mixed Talents” a key part of its Launching People campaign. By bringing together talented people with very different skills and knowledge, adding the ideas and imagination of the public, and contributing the power of Samsung technology and innovation, the campaign seeks to create solutions that are truly unique and make an impact on society.

Taking place in eight countries, Mixed Talents will address unique regional challenges:

  • In Italy, for example, Mixed Talents hopes to improve road safety by tackling the 24 percent of accidents among young drivers of scooters and motorcycles.
  • In South Africa, the focus will be on developing tools that help struggling entrepreneurs to get the skills and information they need in order to succeed.
  • In Australia, the experts will tackle the issue of concussions in rugby, which is one of the country’s most popular sports. Technology can help make contact sports safer by identifying the risks and finding a suitable way of protecting players without impeding performance on the field.
  • In China, accidents caused by jaywalking are what the Launching People campaign hopes to address.
  • Across Latin America, meanwhile, there is a huge desire – especially among young people – to make a difference in society, but volunteer networks are not as strong as they could be. Technology can create tools to help volunteers to network. The campaign will explore how that can happen in Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.


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