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Features of Pebble Watch : Pebble v 3.12 software


Pebble, one of the best funded projects on Kickstarter is a self  grown Organization. Pebble has beaten all the major Smartwatches, whether it’s Fitbit, Moto, LG or any other Brand.

What you need to do is update your software to latest version 3.12, to get maximum out of your watch. Follow the simple steps to update software :

  1. Update the Pebble app for iPhone or Android to version 3.12.
  2. Use the Pebble app to update your watch to Firmware 3.12 (select Menu » Support » Update Your Pebble if you aren’t automatically asked to update your Pebble).

What all you will get in the new Pebble v 3.12 Software

For Time-series watches:

  • New Pebble Health mobile graphs: view interactive charts of your step and sleep activity in a dedicated Health section of the Pebble mobile app (version 3.12 or higher).
  • Pebble Health now automatically detects runs and long walks. Receive a notification, timeline pin, and mobile graph data after the activity is complete.
  • Wake up refreshed with Smart Alarms. Set a Smart Alarm to go off when light sleep is detected, up to 30 minutes before the set alarm time.
  • Know more about your activity and sleep habits with new insights and activity prompts from Pebble Health.
  • The Send Text app is now available for iPhone users with text replies enabled from a compatible carrier.


For all Pebble models:

  • Text responses to incoming or missed calls are now available for iPhone users with text replies enabled from a compatible carrier.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • To update to the latest firmware, select Menu » Support » Update Your Pebble from the Pebble smartphone app.

Pebble Health

With Pebble Health, the Time-series watches you already love wearing have evolved into a powerful platform for reaching your wellness goals. We’ve taken Pebble Health beyond daily step and sleep tracking. You can now paint a comprehensive picture of your achievements, see activity trends over time, auto-track runs and long walks, sleep smarter, and enforce healthy habits with insights and encouragement.

Pebble Health now beautifully integrates with our mobile apps for iPhone and Android. Find a comprehensive overview of your activity and sleep data in the new Health section. Compare how your last day, week, or month of activity measures up against your typical performance and view your calories, step distance, and active time.

With new auto-detection of long walks and runs, Pebble Health sends an activity summary to your watch after completion and lets you dive into detailed stats for those activities on the mobile app.


Smart Alarms

Let Pebble Health find your ideal wakeup time with Smart Alarms, a new feature within the official Alarms app. Smart Alarms go off when you’re in your lightest sleep, up to 30 minutes before the set wakeup time, so you wake up most refreshed.

Pebble Health’s on-wrist experience is now more encouraging and informative, to boot. Receive daily sleep and step summaries; insights on completed runs and long walks; and get notifications based on how well you’re performing compared to past results—all pinned to your timeline for easy review.


Text Messaging – iPhone 

Two text message features previously available to Android users are now available to more Pebble users on iOS.

The Send Text app lets you start a conversation from your wrist. Send a canned response or voice note to recent and favorite contacts. Incoming calls can also be replied to with a canned text response or voice note.

The Send Text app requires a Time-series watch with text replies enabled from a compatible carrier. Incoming call replies works on all Pebble models that have text replies enabled from a compatible carrier.


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