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Fleye is more than a drone. Thanks to its on-board computer, and two open APIs, it is a real flying robot, that can be programmed to perform fully autonomous tasks. Fleye Drone is a completely new take on the drone design. It is based on the “ducted fan UAV” concept, used in larger industrial/defense drones.

Fleye runs Linux and support OpenCV and you can customize the Drone as per your need.

Fleye can be controlled remotely through its WiFi connection using a JSON-over-UDP API. This means that any device capable of sending messages to Fleye can act as a controller: a smartphone, but also a laptop computer or other connected objects.

  • Android SDK
  • iOS SDK
  • Nodejs and/or Python SDK

On-board application development

Fleye is a Linux machine (Yocto based). You can access it over SSH and deploy your own applications directly on Fleye. This means that Fleye can be fully autonomous, performing computer vision on the main camera feed, reacting to sensor measurements and taking actions based on its environment.

A low-level API is provided to connect your application to the auto-pilot, instructing the robot to take-off, move, go to a location, land, etc. The video pipeline is managed by GStreamer and you can easily integrate your custom OpenCV plugins within.

No piloting skills required ! Fleye is really easy to use and control, using just a smartphone (iOS/android supported).

Fleye is capable of executing autonomous missions for you:

  • Selfie: backs up to a given distance, and captures a video while flying smoothly back towards you.
  • Panorama: goes to a given altitude, and rotates on itself to capture a 360° panorama.
  • Hover: hovers in place with 10cm precision (when in range of sensors) so you can focus simply on altitude and viewing angle.
  • Manual: it is of course possible to fly manually, either with the virtual touch-gamepad or a bluetooth game controller. You can also add your own RC receiver to Fleye.

Where all you can use Fleye :

  • Take awesome photos and videos: Fleye is especially well suited for indoor photo and video, close to people. Sports arena, concerts halls, architectural , courtyards, etc.
  • Have fun piloting Fleye: Fleye is a one-of-a-kind flying machine, that is a lot of fun to pilot.
  • Develop drone applications: Fleye is a platform on which you can build useful drone applications, supporting new business cases, such as: indoor inspection, surveillance, cartography, data collection, games, etc.
  • Marketing & Events: You can add branding to Fleye body shell, and use it to woaw the audience at your next event.
  • Education and Research: Need a safe drone to teach about flying robotics and play with robots in the lab? Fleye is ready to fly and a great platform for education as well as research on drones and control systems.


  • Size: a sphere of Ø23cm (Ø 9”)
  • Total weight: 450g (16oz)


  • Generic 3S 1500mAh LiPo battery with XT60 connector
  • 10 minutes flight time
  • +/-10cm (3”) hovering precision
  • 15km/h (10mp/h) maximum speed
  • 8km/h (5 mp/h) wind tolerance

On-board sensors

  • 3-axis accelero, gyro and magnetometer
  • Pressure based altimeter
  • Sonar – Measure ground distance up to 3 meters (10′)
  • GPS
  • Bottom camera for optical flow tracking

On-board computer

  • Dual or Quad-core ARM A9 800Mhz CPU3
  • Hardware video encoding – 1080p 30fps
  • GPU supporting OpenGL and OpenCL
  • 512 or 1024MB RAM
  • Yocto Linux
  • USB and serial extension port
  • WiFi (100m range)
  • micro SD-card slot


  • 5mpx Omnivision 5640 sensor
  • 160° FOV lens
  • 1080p 30fps video
  • 720p H264 RTSP low-latency preview
  • 1080p MP4 stored on SD card

Source : Kickstarter 

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