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Gadgets replaced by Smartphones – Life has become less complicated


Let’s take an example of Early 2010, preparing for a Trip by Car, What all you will try to take with you : DSLR, Camcorder , Music Player, USB drive , Car Navigation System, Phone, Laptop, all the chargers and accessories and above all search for a Hotel where you can get Internet access, or may be a locality where you can have easy access to Internet Cafe. Have I missed some thing ?? Yes, Most important point, Home security.

Let’s have a Scenario in 2016 !! Smartphone, USB Cable, Wall Charger and Powerbank. Freedom from all the extra baggage and big relief from the bunch of wires and chargers.

Is not the life so simple now. We have jotted down a list of Gadgets replaced by Smartphones. If you like to add some thing to the list, We will appreciate your support.


Do you really need to carry a Laptop or serach for Cyber cafe to check Emails or share documents. Laptops have been well replaced by Smartphones / Tablet PC.


downsized from on-the-shoulder VHS models to palm-sized devices and now to smartphones that capture video footage onto removable memory cards the size of a thumbnail. They may not replace a dedicated device for movie-quality footage, but they add the ability to capture interesting scenes on a device that’s already in your pocket.

Camera – Both Point & Shoot and DSLR

Pocket cameras, also known as point-and-shoot devices, date back beyond flash cubes to the days of miniaturized film-based spy cameras. The same smartphone lens that captures video footage also snaps still images, sometimes directly out of the video stream. You can organize, share and even edit or caricature your photos directly on your smartphone.

GPS Navigation

To stay on the right road, the business or leisure traveler of only a decade ago carried and relied on a glove box or briefcase full of folded paper maps. Smartphone map apps can show you a close-up aerial photograph and street-level image of a specific address, alert you to road construction or heavy traffic, and save important locations so you can recall them with ease or share them with friends, family or co-workers.

Music Player

From audio tape to optical discs and on to solid-state storage, music players stored songs and albums for on-the-go replay, starting with devices that required you to buy recorded tapes or make your own from vinyl albums. Smartphones can sync thousands of songs with your computer or tablet, link you to information about an artist or track and enable you to add to your library wirelessly.


PDAs provided early digital lifestyle hardware focused around the combination of a rudimentary address book and calendar. As hardware miniaturization and capabilities increased, they grew into pocket computers, many of them powered by regular alkaline batteries. Smartphones are comprised of PDA features but in a device with far more capabilities. To transplant your digital data from one device to a new one, you can swap your smartphone memory card into the new hardware’s slot and be back on the go in minutes. In contrast, PDAs featured device-specific data formats and no way to move information from one device to another.


No more worries about Home Security. Now you can watch your whole home by sitting at a Remote Area even. Just watch your kids / home at your convenience.

Irrigation System at Home

Previously we were always worried who is gonna water our plants. Now Smart irrigation system, can water your plants at your will. Whener ever you feel, your plants need water, just pick up the smartphone and nourish them.

Remote Commanders

No more looking around for bunch of Remotes, whether in a Room or house, just use Universal Remote Commander in your smartphone. Is not it very convenient now.

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