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Galaxy Note 5 Camera guide – what all you can do

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Galaxy Note 5 feature the most advanced camera technology available on mobile devices today

Camera specifications of Note 5

Rear Camera – 16 MP / f 1.9 ; Smart OIS / VDIS ; Auto real-time HDR

Selfie Camera – 5 MP / f 1.9 ; 120° Wide Selfie Angle ; Galaxy Note 5 Camera Modes

Galaxy Note 5 Camera Modes


The Viewfinder on Note 5 got various controls like Modes, Video Collage and Broadcast.

  1. Shortcut Menu – access frequently-used camera settings to customize captured photos and videos
    • Effect
    • HDR Auto
    • Timer
    • Flash
    • Picture Size
  2. Camera Settings
  3. Record Video
  4. Capture Pictures
  5. Switch Cameras
  6. Shooting Modes

How to download more Camera Modes

  • Open the Camera app viewfinder screen by quickly pressing the Home key twice from any screen.
  • Tap the Mode icon.
  • Tap Download.
  • Scroll to and tap to download the desired mode.
  • Tap Install to proceed with download and installation of the selected mode.
  • If prompted, tap Accept and Download to proceed.
  • Wait until the installation is complete.
  • Once finished, double-tap the Back key to go back to the camera viewfinder screen.
  • Tap the Mode icon

Using Dual Camera Mode ( Both Rear and Front)

  • Press Home Key Twice to open camera screen
  • Press Mode
  • Select Dual Camera ( If not available , download from Samsung Apps )

Tip ? Selfie can be taken in two modes – Normal and Wide Angle Selfie

To use beauty editing, just turn on the front camera and select Beauty from the top menu. That brings up a menu with four options: Skin Tone, Large Eyes, Slim Face and Shape Correction. All are adjustable on a scale of 1 to 8 (except Shape Correction, which is simply on or off).

Video Collage

Video Collage has three options, each offering a fun option for preserving your special moments. Collage lets you combine videos side-by-side or in a grid, so viewers can see several films at the same time. Series combines videos together one after another in a sequence. And Slow Motion takes a single film and divides it into segments in a two-by-two grid, so you can watch the action from different points in time; each segment can be slowed down and played at different speeds.

  • In Camera, go to MODE in the lower left of the screen, then select Video Collage.
  • On the top of your screen, select which type of Video Collage you want to make (it’s the option third from the left, between flash and time).
    1. For Collage, you need to choose how many frames and the arrangement you want in the composition.
    2. For Collage and Series you also need to choose an aspect ratio.
  • Select the recording time (between 3 and 15 seconds for Collage and Series, or between 6 and 15 seconds for Slow Motion).
  • Press the red record button in the bottom center to begin filming
  • If you like the results, press SAVE.

Live Broadcasting

With Live Broadcast, you no longer have to upload videos and wait for them to process. Now they can just go out directly, to anyone you choose. You can also schedule your video to go out at a time of your choosing, depending on what you prefer.

  • In Camera, go to MODE in the lower left of the screen, then select Live Broadcast.
  • Sign in to your YouTube account (you will need a Google+ profile).
  • Select Invite and choose who you want to watch.
  • Start your video and share instantly

Effects for Rear and Front Camera

The rear camera has eight all-new options—Pastel, Vivid, Retro, Film, Monogram, Nostalgia, Gold and Delicious.

The front camera has eight different filters—Calm, Dawn, Grayscale, Evergreen, Rose, Sweet, Riddle and Everyday.

Whichever effects you choose, you can now control the strength of the effect as well as how much of a Vignette (or pinhole effect) to add.

Photo Editing Modes

The Galaxy Note 5 provide various tools for editing photo, such as creating collages, cropping, tone adjustment, changing aspect ratio and applying effects.

  • Animate 
    1. Select a photo or image from your Gallery. Select Edit, then choose Animate.
    2. Press the + button under the photo, which will take you to your Gallery. Select all the additional images you want to animate, then press DONE.
    3. The photos you have selected are now in a row. You can change the order, delete images you do not want to use, or add more images. When you’re satisfied, press DONE.
    4. The animated short will play. You can choose Ratio to change the aspect ratio of the film, and Speed for how fast you want the images to move.
    5. If you want to make more changes, press EDIT. If you’re all done, press SAVE



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