Say Goodbye to selfie sticks when Hover Camera Drone can take selfies


Have you ever tried taking a selfie at a Cliff, or may be at the top of Building. Your hands and Selfie sticks have limits, you can not take complete backgrounds. But now, this problem is sorted out with the help of Hover Camera Drone.

Let’s have a look at the picture, and answer the question ” How many of you really dream of this selfie ? ” Dare to do.


But how much you can generate by selling Selfie Drones ?? Well well, A startup just collected 25 Million USD by introducing the concept of Selfie Drones. Chinese companies again beat the World, The Beijing-based company unveiled the Hover Camera drone, a foldable device that can track your face and follow you around to snap videos and photos wherever you go.

Hover Drone got an impressive camera, 13MP, that can shoot 4K videos or 360-degree panoramic shots. This camera can hover at a maximum altitude of 164 feet.

Very simple to operate, just turn it on and toss it ahead of you and it’ll begin to hover. By using app, you can use a double finger drag to change its perspective, or one-finger drag to change its height in the air. When you’re done with it, just fold it and put it inside bag. It’s about the size of three Kindles stacked on top of another.

Zero Zero Robotics says since the camera has object-recognition technology built in, it can avoid obstacles and flying into people as it follows you. What it doesn’t have, however, is a GPS tracker, so should you lose your Hover Camera, you’ll need to manually retrace steps to find it again.

The camera is not yet up for sales, but yes, you can try Beta Version. To know more about Hover Drone, Please click here.


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