Google glass – a failure ?

Google glass
Written by Rakesh Bhatia

Google glass

Google Glass – a failure ??

Google glass, an ultimate wearable, a great invention like ipod , but what went wrong ?

It’s not that Google Glass looked absurd — people wear silly fashions every day. It’s not that it was overpriced — people collect luxury watches and handbags every day, too. Google Glass’s failure was a story of a visionary product utterly failing to be Cool is not trivial.

In today’s world : Cool is perhaps the crucial factor in the success of new products. Cool isn’t something that is easily calculated by data-driven corporobots or profit-maximizing algorithms.

Cool is not an equation. In my opinion, Meaning of Cool : some thing which captures your back of mind desires or hits your hidden feelings. Beyond calculations, rather its an Art to take out your desires which you may not like to share.

And yet that’s precisely what Google tried to do. It put Google Glass on models during Fashion Week, in advertorials in fashion magazines, in the hands of fashion “influencers.” Why? To engineer hype, excitement, adulation … to manufacture “buzz.” Aha! Textbook digital strategy! Genius! How could it fail?!Actually: how could it succeed?

All of that desperate maneuvering served to reinforce the obvious: that Google Glass was so uncool, the only thing Google could do was try to force it to be cool. It’s like the sad guy at the bar who shows up one day in a Ferrari and a shiny $3,000 suit > all of which only makes him less attractive.

In short, Google made a fatal error of post-modern marketing: it attempted to buy cool through the not-so-subtle techniques of influence, persuasion, and manufactured buzz. But if you have to buy cool, it’s probably a reliable signal that you’re totally, hopelessly uncool.

I will share few examples of past, where things went on hitting person’s mind unknowingly. Hope, every one remembers Cadbury Chocolate Girl dance , or, One Black coffee please. Or, may be the hit song ” Kolabari ” which got 10 mn hits.

Precisely, this is what Google needs to embed in the products as well as message. A differentiated factor where consumers feel linked to the product.

In short, Google made few key mistakes of Marketing  : Wrong STP, Wrong Pricing, No understanding of consumer Insight and most important ” Let humans be humans .”

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google glass

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  • Google Glass was in beta and is now coming out of beta. This a hype article with no real context. Wearing Glass does not make me a robot. I have had Glass for over a year and love it. Let humans be whatever they want.

    • Jason, you are right but wearing a standard glass and Google glass is different. Every one has unique way of thinking. I think from a normal human and marketing point of view.

      Feel free to share your comments. Would love to know the real insight of readers. Thanks

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