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How about smoking a Smart Cigarette worth $ 500 – Vaporcade jupiter


You are “addicted” to smartphone and smoking more ? The Vaporcade company has thought of creating a fusion of two addictions – Smoking and smartphones. 

Jupiter, the product designed by Vaporcade is a smartphone that allows smoking! Smartphones already served almost everything, but this time there is a use for the least unusual, because it will serve to vapoter electronic cigarette.

Vaporcade goes even further since announced that Jupiter is to “change the world”, nothing else! The company reveals in fact, that his goal is to save millions of lives around the world by eradicating their smoking addiction, through a tool that everyone or almost daily and has used tens or even Hundreds of times a day: the smartphone.

What manufacturers of Jupiter think

We have worked tirelessly to integrate texting, talking, and vaping into one spectacular, innovative technology. The applications are limitless. We feel that Jupiter will change the world as we know it. You will soon vape your fluids, medicines, or nutraceuticals through Jupiter. We’re excited to share this life-altering experience.

On Jupiter website, you will discover two versions for pre-order, one for 3G and other 4G. With a price difference, since the former would be charged $ 299 and the second at 499 dollars. Too bad the datasheet is rather poor because we know almost nothing about what “electronic -cigarette phone”. Both versions of Jupiter are running Android 4.4 with a 5.3 inch screen.

According to information revealed , Jupiter would however not yet been certified by the FCC, the US telecoms authority. Without this authorization, it is not clear how Jupiter could be sold.

Vaporcade says that his product has a small tank of a little less than 6 ml and it will be possible to smoke with essences of thirty different tastes.

Hard to say today whether this will come out well in the United States on the one hand and the rest of the world later as this in the air of a marketing buzz to attract attention on the company the moment, but you never know … Stay tuned!

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