How to add gesture control for smartwatch

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Add Gesture Control to Android Wear Smartwatch with Deus Ex Aria and control device on finger tips

Technical Details

Deus Ex Aria technology recognizes finger gestures from the wrist thanks to a layer of sensors. These sensors interpret the movement of the tendons, then our algorithm classifies the gesture.

Why tendon analysis?

There are other possible approaches thoroughly documented in literature (Elctro/Phono/Meccano/Photo – myography ) that are capable of achieving some results in gesture recognition, however we chose the tendon approach because:

  • it is more accurate and reliable
  • the sensors are smaller and more comfortable
  • it works with sweat, water, tattoos

Deus Ex Aria Clip For Android Wear

Communication between the Deus Ex Aria and Android Wear smartwatch is established through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology that connects the Deus Ex Aria Clip to the smartphone. The smartphone then controls the smartwatch with the input coming from Deus Ex Aria.

So what’s inside? Sensors + DSP chip + BLE module (SDK available) + battery.

Battery life currently lasts more than 24 hours of continuous activation.

Deus Ex Aria SmartStrap For Pebble Time

The Deus Ex Aria SmartStrap communicates directly with Pebble Time through a Serial Interface.

So what’s inside? Sensors + DSP chip (with serial interface –> datasheet to be given).

No battery means no need to charge your Deus Ex Aria Smartstrap!

The strap’s power consumption is currently of around 15% of the overall battery life of your Pebble Time. We are currently working to further reduce this figure.

It is designed to be as similar as possible to the Pebble Time strap, with the addition of the sensors and a second adjustable mechanism .


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