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How to Promote Blog on Twitter – Problems and Solution


Some brands are self moving and some brands needs push whether in Real world or Social Medial specially Twitter

Just having a Twitter account and posting your blog is not the key to promote, Basic issue is how to reach the Target Audience. We tried figuring out few Problems and Solutions, and finally we got the answer on Twitter itself :

  1. Presence on Twitter : Just creating an Account on Twitter is not enough, This is the basic mistake made by most of the Brands and Individuals. We make account and than forget it after some time, when Results are not coming. You have to set certain Targets on daily basis and see how it’s performing.

    Results are slow, but once they start coming, Sky is the LImit.

  2. Too much self-Centric : Twitter is not a distribution tool, Its a Media which involves give and take relationship. You need to be actively involved with your Audience, like day to day replies, taking suggestions and giving suggestions and replying to questions asked.
  3. Content Optimization : Tweets with pictures get more attention. Same way Tweets with # are likely to be re-tweeted. Hashtag is one of the powerful tools in content delivering.

    Tweets with Hashtags are getting 55 % more attention. Very Good old saying ” Excess of everything is bad !! “. Do not add too many hashtags. Just one or two relevant hashtags.

    Always remember, Quality and accuracy works. More than quantity, work on quality and accuracy of Information.

  4. Request for Re-Tweet : Blank Tweets may not get so much of attention, the way request for ” Please re tweet ” or ” RT ” gets. Before writing a Tweet, put forward one request. Most appropriate request is ” Please Re Tweet ” and the second best is ” Pls RT “
  5. Monitor Progress : When ever you put efforts, you need to monitor whether the results have come or no and if no, why ? Same way, monitor progress of your tweets.

    You can monitor Progress by checking the following counts :
    Engagement in Tweets
    Re Tweets
    Clicks – Media / Links

  6. Be a Good listener : Listen to what your followers / audience says and do not forget to acknowledge. Always remember to leave a thank you Note for your followers once a month. That shows you are listening and caring about them.

    DO NOT criticize un-necessarily and never  give bad comments. Remember Social Media is all about caring and Sharing.

  7. Follow the Follower : If you want to increase follower counts, Never forget to follow the person who follows. It’s purely give and take relationship.




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