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How to set up Siri to recognize my Voice !!

Siri - Setup

The ” Hey Siri ” voice recognition training process can be either done while activating New iPhone , but most of the Users normally skip the process in order to set-up the new Phone. This is a very important step while setting up a new iPhone ( Never miss it in future ).

Ok, even if you have missed it, there is always a way to set up Siri Voice Recognition later on. We will take you through step by step procedure. Why is it important : To make Siri respond to your voice accurately.

  1. Open Settings
  2. Select General
  3. Go to Siri
  4. The first Option is Switch on / Off Siri. If it’s green, Than turn it off for a minute or so. You will get a pop-up ” Tun off Siri “, click it.
  5. Now go to option : Allow ” Hey Siri “
  6. Switch it on, you will see a new screen Set up ” Hey Siri “. This helps Siri recognize your voice when you say ” Hey Siri ” .
  7. Now ” click Set up Now “.
  8. It will ask you five times to set up the voice.
  9. First Three times you need to say ” Hey Siri “
  10. 4th time is ” Hey Siri How’s the weather Today “
  11. Last Option is ” Hey Siri, it’s me “
  12. Once you see the option ” Hey Siri is ready ” you are done
  13. Click ” Done ” and enjoy Hey Siri
  14. You have some other options also like setting up Language, Siri Voice which are given under ” Allow Hey Siri “.



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