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Huawei has a stylus device under its sleeve for MWC


In a pretty straight forward tease, Huawei has revealed to the world that it will be unveiling a device during MWC that utilizes a stylus. It’s tempting to think that it’s the P9; which makes sense, a Huawei phablet to combat the Note 5 and iPhone S6, but with the P8 still in its infancy pretty much, it’s not too likely. So what could that clever tease be pointing to? Well let’s take a look at another Huawei product in the works: its rumored “Mate Book”. It’s now wide spread news that Huawei is looking to target the PC market. If we put 2 and 2 together, we can make out that a tablet/laptop hybrid may be released in the near future.

How will Huawei strike gold with this new venture? It’s a mobile OEM through and through, moving to tackling PC’s is quite the leap. One bit of consolation is the fact that if it will most likely be running Windows 10, which means that it will most likely be running on an Intel processor, a tried and true SoC that’s been in PC’s and smartphones alike; which would be a better move than Huawei boosting up its Kirin processor.

The main story is the stylus. Hopefully Huawei will be adding some functionality to it, rather than having it be a glorified pencil. It being a PC, means that it will not be competing against the Note 5 in the least bit, but Huawei did contact Wamco, the company behind the Note’s S Pen (though they weren’t able to strike up a deal). This means that Huawei is gunning to make this stylus more than just a stylus, which is rather exciting. Already, it seems that it’s going to be the selling point of this device.

Whenever we have any hint of doubt about the success of this new Huawei-made “Tabtop” it’s always good to think about the Nexus 6P. It put Huawei on the map, along with some other devices, and stands as the standard to hold to Huawei for its future ventures. Come MWC, we will be introduced to this new brain child and see if Huawei can take a spot as true mobile industry big boy.

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