HUD Glass Display for Car Navigation


How about using a HUD Glass for Displaying GPS from iPhone or Android Smartphone

HUDWAY – Head up Display for Car Navigation

  • Head-Up Display in any car
  • Google and OpenStreetMap (OSM) available
  • Professional Voice Assistance
  • Turn-by-Turn directions
  • 3D road view
  • Customizable road visualization
  • Average and maximum speed calculation
  • Acceleration 0-100 km/h (0-60 mph) calculation
  • Exact speed calculation by means of accelerometer
  • Save routes to drive them later, offline
  • Track the route when driving it
  • Share routes and results with your friends (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Check for other users routes nearby
  • Use Hudway for race competitions — build routes and compete with your friends. Make it to Top 10 Leaderboard!
  • Distance in miles/kilometers, meters/feet/yards

Comes in Two Options

  • For Luxury Cars – 1000 $
  • For Standard Sedan – 400 $

Today, the market offers two main HUD options for cars:

  • To buy a new luxury car. There are more and more cars manufactured with built-in HUD displays. It is estimated that by 2020, 9% of all new cars will be equipped with HUD displays (currently it is just 4%). These HUDs have an excellent image quality and on-board computer integration. But they will cost you over $1,000 as an option.
  • To buy a portable HUD device. This is an aftermarket solution that can be purchased separately and simply placed before a driver’s eyes on the dashboard. This kind of device is often equipped with a display (or pico projector), sensors, special optics, and wires to connect to the car or just for charging. Although much cheaper than factory HUDs, these devices still cost about $400.


The crux is in the glass. It’s the main HUDWAY Glass component — a plastic lens, very lightweight and of low fragility, which means that cuts are unlikely even if it gets broken. The glass has an aspheric shape, which allows to get a 20% larger image while at the same time minimize spherical, comatic, and chromatic aberrations. In other words, when looking through the curved glass you still see the road as it is, with no distortions.

A thin multilayered glass coating is a “secret sauce” of HUDWAY Glass — and its important feature. Its main purpose is to enhance the reflective properties of the glass and preserve its transparency, so that your view of the road is never obstructed.

Hudway on Apple Store

Hudway on Android Store

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