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The iPad Air line might be killed off for more iPad Pros

With all the excitement of MWC, whatever was going on in Apple world was of little news to us, but we were still able to catch wind of when the next iPad Air was going to be announced – or rather, what we THOUGHT was going to be thenext iPad Air. According to some recent leaks, we may not be seeing another iPad Air, but another Pro.

Apparently, the iPad Air line seems to be loosing some momentum; tablets in general are not selling well. Instead of accepting the fact that their products aren’t invinvible to sales slumps, it seems they decided to take their beloved iPad in a different direction. This actually makes sense considering the fact that the rumored specs to come along with the formerly tagged “iPad Air 3″ included some key features present on the iPad Pro; the four speaker setup and the Apple pencil.

This might be a sour move on Apple’s part because of what’s coming into play here: the weight of a name. The name Apple, or Mac, or iPhone/iPad have a certain amount of “weight” to it; a lot of people buy those products because of the appeal of the name. The build, demensions and overall look of this next iteration in the iPad’s design is rumored to be similar to the iPad Air 2, the only difference is the name no longer being “Air” but “Pro”. Hopefully switching up the name will spark some new interest in their tablets, but here is where things go bad. The name “Pro” already strikes a sour note among iPad users- let’s face it, the iPad pro had more cons than “pros”. Why would Apple give a device, similar to what we’ve been seeing with the iPad Air line since its conception, the name of a product that didn’t live up to expectation? The answer to this question will hopefully be answered during a press conference in the near future.

What’s going on in the tablet market is absolutely profound and even the great and mighty iPad can’t escape it. Will this move by Apple pick things back up for the king of the tablet? Only time will tell. With MWC now a pleasant but waning memory, it’s Apple’s turn to make waves in the mobile tech world.

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