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ipad Pro facts and features which you must know


iPad Pro is the new baby in Apple Family and it got the biggest Display ( 12.9 ” ). Though Apple revealed lot of features of iPad Pro, like A9 Cortex, Stylus ( Apple Pencil ), Smart key board and photo Editing Apps

But there is lot more than that which Apple has not shared with users yet

Missing 3D Touch

Apple recently introdcued 3D Touch in new series of Smartphones which is one step above force Touch, missed this feature in iPad Pro. Next year this feature may be included, but this year users have to be contended with what Apple has Given.

Is there any Camera upgrade

Apple improved Camera in iPhone, but iPad still needs to wait for the right time. May be 2016 !! who knows.

iPad Pro got the same old camera 8 MP with f/2.4 and an outdated 1.2 MP selfie Camera.Another negative point is, it still records 1080 p, while the world is moving to 4K Video Recording.

Stain and Spill Resistant Smart Keyboard

Like standard keyboards, Apple Smart keyboard is made from One sheet, means no gaps in between keys and keyboard. Its a Uni-body keyboard. Now even if you spill any liquid on it, you are safe. Simply wipe it off.

Though the keyboard is approx $ 169, but it’s worth the price.


Improved RAM

Though as a Standard, Apple always provides 2GB RAM , but this time Apple got a surprise for the users. Much Better upgraded RAM, yes it’s 4GB.

You can guess the speed of A9 Cortex processor coupled with 4GB RAM. Mind Blowing, in not it !!! I am thrilled for sure.


Apple Pencil ( to counter Stylus of Note 5 – Apple is ready to take Samsung war to another Era )

Apple Pencil is a great accessories for those who love to use stylus, but it doesn’t have a capacitive tip. Apple didn’t say anything about this, but Apple Pencil can not be used with iPhones or any other iPads. it is compatible with iPad Pro only.

Another good feature of Apple Pencil can be charged via lightning Charger. So is it fast charge, yes it is. 30 secs of charge time gives a working of 30 minutes.


Lightning C Port

Like other smartphones, With USB C charger, it can charge any gadget.

Presently, as per the info available, it can charge Pencil, but not aware if it can charge iPhone or any other gadget. So, Let’s wait for the reality.


Smart Keyboard Connectivity

How it connects !! Do you need Bluetooth or any other wireless mode ?? No way, it uses Magnetic Connector, known as Smart Connector. This connector supplies power also to the keyboard.




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