IPX7 Rating – Moto G 3rd Gen Water Test in River

water test

The Moto G 3rd Generation is quipped with Water Resistant – IPX 7, So We decided to do a water test in Natural Conditions like water splashes and running water of River and here is what we found

IPX7 rating means the Phone can be submerged in water upto 1 meter and for 30 minutes – IPX7 waterproofing standard; a pretty good standard that keeps the unit sound in the face of whatever a typical hike bike, run or other outing can throw at it. Some handhelds are rated to the IPX6 standard; which is a lower standard that doesn’t offer the immersion capability that the IPX7 does…… Immersion capability?

IP basically stands for Ingress Protection

IPX0 – This means it’s not water resistant at all. Think of what happens to paper when it gets wet. It’s a mess and your novella is ruined.

IPX1 – This will protect a device from some water drops that are falling vertically on said device. I guess it’s possible for this situation to actually occur but so is winning the lottery. If you or someone you know has won the lottery, sharing is caring.

IPX2 –  This will protect your thingy from some water drops when the device is tilted up to and including 15°. If you have your device at 16°, you are screwed, sorry but there are limits in the world.

IPX3 – Getting better, you can now spray your gear up to 60° from the top of the device. So that’s cool, I guess.

IPX4 – Now we are getting somewhere. This will keep “yo ish chill” from splashing water from any direction. So if you drop some cubes of ice into you scotch and it splashes, there is no need to worry. Well, except for those drops of scotch that didn’t make it into your tummy.

IPX5 – (this is where the super soaker is allowed). Will protect your stuff from water jets at any direction. Spray away kiddo, spray away.

IPX6 – Protects from powerful water jets. So if you modified your super soaker with an air compressor and an aftermarket tip, your stuff is still safe.

IPX7 – This is for full water splashdown. If you drop your device in water up to 3 feet (1 meter but this is ‘Merica and we don’t do the metric system. USA USA USA) your device is still going to work.

IPX8 – You can protect your device in water over 3 feet. This is for your stuff at the bottom of a pool, lake, or even Shamu’s tank. Good luck getting your stuff back from Shamu though. I mean, that guy never gives back the stuff you let him borrow.

If you notice Most of the test are done in Fresh Water, not in hard water, that’s the difference we wanted to create, do the test in Natural water as the phone can be used in Rain or Sea or Rivers or waterfalls.

We used Moto G 3rd Generation in Waterfall and River water and Moto G came out to be a winner. Though, I have some more Videos but I decided to keep this Video. Another part was , video underwater was Amazing.

Precaution : The Moto G 3rd gen got a removable back and is protected by Rubber seals on Top, make sure that back cover is tightly secured,  Or else water can seep in and actually damage to Moto G. Do it at your risk.

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