Jaguar smart car with sixth sense

jaguar smartcar

Jaguar, The Luxury Car maker, has designed a car which works as Sixth Sense for the Driver


This car is specially designed for drivers who are stressed, having zero patience, distracted and are not able to concentrate during driving whatever the reason may be.

Jaguar Land Rover’s self-learning car offers a comprehensive array of services to the driver, courtesy of a new learning algorithm that recognizes who is in the car and learns their preferences and driving style. The software then applies this learning by using a range of variables including your calendar, the time of day, traffic conditions and the weather to predict driver behavior and take over many of the daily driving ‘chores’, allowing the driver to concentrate on the road ahead.

The brainwave research project called ‘MindSense’ is to see if a car could effectively read the brainwaves that indicate a driver is beginning to distract, or feeling sleepy, when driving.

As a standard procedure, A headband is with sensors used for monitoring brainwaves of an individual, but seems weird when a person is driving a car. What Jaguar, did is slightly different, attached sensors with the steering wheel to mind brain waves. What these sensors detect are heart beat, blood pressure and eye moment from the camera. All this is recorded and determines the standard driving condition vs the sleepy driver.

A Jaguar spokesman said: ‘Because the sensing is taking place further away from the driver’s head, software is used to amplify the signal and filter out the pure brainwave from any background ‘noise’’.


Dr Wolfgang Epple, Jaguar Land Rover director of research and technology explained: ‘One key piece of new research is to see how we could measure brainwaves to monitor if the driver is alert and concentrating on driving.

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Source : Dailymail

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