Jamblaster : Ultimate App for Musicians


Away from your friends, but still want to Play Music with them, Distance is not an issue, Use Jamblaster and have fun !!!

Why this App is great for Musicians : Play music with others live in sync remotely, record pro quality audio, broadcast video performances, teach/take online lessons & more!

With your smartphone and a JamBlaster, you can:

  • Play live in sync with other musicians from different locations over the Internet – great for rehearsals without travel or space, co-writing, or joining open jams for fun
  • Make pro quality audio (and optionally video) recordings of yourself and others – both master mix and fully isolated stems
  •  Learn and play along with 4,000+ of your favorite songs – with the ability to solo or mute any part, slow down playback for practice, change pitch/key, and more
  • Teach or take online music lessons that really work – unlike Skype and Google Hangouts, which suffer from very high latency and poor audio quality
  • Broadcast live video performances with pro quality audio through YouTube to family, friends, and fans – either yourself or your band playing in one location, or your online distributed JamKazam sessions

Play Music Live in Sync from Different Locations over the Internet

The ability to play live together from different locations enables many new possibilities including:

  • Rehearse without needing to pack gear, travel, and find rehearsal space
  • Co-write new music interactively as if you’re sitting in the same room rather than just sharing files, which limits both creativity and speed
  • Join open jam sessions any time to play live with others, make new connections, learn, and just have fun playing more music

With the JamBlaster and JamTracks, you can:

  • Listen to just the single part you want to play to learn it
  • Mute the part you want to play, and play along with the rest of the band
  • Slow down playback to practice without changing the pitch
  • Change the song key by raising or lowering pitch in half steps
  • Save your custom mixes for easy access, and export them to use anywhere
  • Make audio recordings and share via Facebook or URL
  • Make video recordings and share via YouTube
  • Play JamTracks with other musicians online live and in sync

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