KNOCKI : Turn any surface in a Smart Knock Surface


Knocki works well anywhere with a WiFi internet connection.  It allows you to “tap” into many powerful functions, even if your only smart device is an iPhone or Android phone.

Knocki is the easiest way to add “smarts” to your existing home, without the wiring, installation, complexity and expense of many alternative smart home control systems.

But if you already have a few smart devices, you can immediately expand what Knocki can do, and transform “dumb” surfaces all around your home or office into intelligent interfaces.

Bottom line, if you’d like technology to work for you, instead of the other way around, you’ll appreciate the power of Knocki! Attach Knocki on walls, under tables, behind shelves or nightstands, behind your front door, and more!  Knocki can be placed in plain sight, or mounted invisibly under or behind surfaces so only you know its there.



Knocki uses non-acoustic sensor technology to detect gentle surface gestures even a distance away, but Knocki also has the intelligence to filter out random vibrations.  Therefore, Knocki works under busy breakfast tables and other “high-activity” surfaces.

  • Knocki: Made in the USA.
  • Surface Mount: Featuring SurfaceLink™ technology, the mount helps transfer gesture signals from the surface to Knocki.
  • 3M Tape: Working directly with 3M, we’ve customized and tested a secure yet removable adhesive to avoid damaging surfaces.
  • AAA Duracell Batteries: Mercury-free Duracell alkaline batteries provide over 12 months of battery life.
  • Our Free Companion App (iOS & Android): Only necessary for device setup. The app allows you to easily connect Knocki to your WiFi and quickly add up to 10 gestures per Knocki device. You can manage multiple Knockis from one account.  The app also allows you to monitor battery life, connectivity status, and view activity logs.
  • Quick Setup Guide: Get up and running in no time!

Usagae of Knocki

  • Turn on / off Lights
  • Find your Phone
  • Climate Control
  • Door Knock
  • Activate Security Alarm
  • Email Arrival Alert
  • Smart Lock
  • Tab into favorite Tunes
  • Set Mood Gesture with Music and Light Control
  • Notify partner with Text on Arrival / Departure
  • Alarm Control
  • Brew Coffee from Bed


Set Up Knocki

Knocki includes a special mount featuring our patent-pending SurfaceLink™ technology to ensure a solid connection to a surface for transmission of gesture signals.  Knocki’s mount can be secured using the included 3M removable tape, or with screws (also included).

After Knocki is mounted to a surface,  define the unique gestures to trigger your actions (up to 10 gestures), and you’ve instantly created a powerful smart surface!  The process is simple, and once it’s done, Knocki will keep working (via WiFi) even if your phone is turned off or away!



Source : Kickstarter

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