Le 1s hidden features which you must know


Le 1s created a New Rules in the Indian Smartphone Market, by offering 3GB RAM and 32 GB ROM below 10k. In other ways, for 2016, Smartphone standards are already set.

There are few features offered by Le 1s which are worth knowing and trying :

  • Swap Navigation Keys : Le 1s does not feature an app launcher on the home screen; you have to swipe to the left and right to browse through apps. But if you prefer a neat and organized home screen, you can customize the look and widgets anytime you want.
    • To move icons from the screen, just tap and hold the icon and drag it to the next screen.
    • To customize the home screen, you can just tap and hold on the blank space or the recent apps key on your home screen. It will open the customization bar at the bottom, from where you can-select widgets for your home screen, Change themes, and Select wallpapers.
  • Customizabale Control Center To reach the shortcuts and quick settings, you need to tap the ‘recent’ navigation key. It will display the shortcuts, music controls, quick settings, settings shortcut and the minimized apps. To configure the tools according to your convenience, you can always adjust the placement and order of the toggles.
    Go to Settings> Control Center> Tap and drag to customize the shortcut switches layout.
  • Manage Auto Start up of Apps : A lot of apps are launched soon after the device is turned on. These apps have the permissions to access the data and internet without prompting before running. If you want to disable any of the apps that you don’t wish to interfere with your communications, network, media, location and more.
    Got to Settings> Permissions> Manage auto launch
  • Smart battery Assistant : EUI has also included different battery management modes to increase the convenience and efficiency of  battery. Battery assistant allows you to select the low level to auto-enable the power saver and offers 3 different power saving modes.
    • Smart power saving– It controls features such as vibrations and network sync based on the requirement.
    • Super power saving– It restricts the dynamic visual effects and also limits the network access for different apps.
    • Ultra-long standby time– It disables the network connection and basic apps like messaging and calling that do not use internet can be accessed.
  • Configure Notifications : Le 1s allows you to prioritize the content from the notifications while device is locked.
    Go to Settings> Notification Management> Tap on the apps to set manages notifications for that particular apps

    • Allow Notifications (Enable/Disable) – Simply allow or stop receiving notifications.
    • Priority notifications (Enable/Disable) – This will allow the notification for the selected apps to display on top.
    • Icon Tag (Enable/Disable) – Turn on/off notification tag on icon. Tags are the small dots marked on unseen notifications.
  • Fingerprint – Tab to Picture :  You can click pictures using the fingerprint sensor; all you have to do is just a tap on the sensor. This feature makes clicking selfies more fun and easy. This feature is disabled by default, but if you can enable it.
    Settings> Fingerprints> Tap to capture picture  ( under Touch control management )
  • Left hand UI : EUI has incorporated small features that will help the left hand users. By default, the navigation keys have the back key on the right, home key in the center and the multitask key on the left but you can reverse the pattern by following these simple steps:
    System Settings> Accessibility> Enable Left-hand mode
  •  Network Speed Indicator : Always worried about the internet connectivity speed on your device? This nifty trick can be very helpful. If you open up Android’s Settings and head over to Mobile Network Management option you will find the option to display the real-time network speed and it works on both 3G and Wi-Fi. You can also set data restrictions here if you are on a limited data plan.
    Settings> Mobile Network Management> Real Time Speed Display
  • Scale View to Magnify : If you think that text and elements on the EUI are too small and you would rather go for bigger text, it can be done through settings. Here you can adjust the size and distribution of the content on the screen and magnify things. The phone will reboot to reflect the changes once applied.
    Settings > Display Settings > Scale View
  • View Pictures by Location : The built-in gallery app in the EUI gives an iPhone-like interface to view all the photos based on the folders and you can even hide specific folders to appear on the list. Moreover, if you tap on Photos, you will get timeline view and also location based view from where you can find photos based on the location where you shot them.
    The option will only work if you have enabled geo-tagging while taking photos.
  • Configure Universal Remote using IR : The EUI devices come with infrared blasters and you can use the built-in remote app to configure any device. It’s very simple : Universal RC > Other Devices > Add Remote Control>Universal Remote
    > Keep the RC in front of Le 1s ( less than 1 cm of Distance )
    > Press the Button/Funtion on RC, you want to configure
    > Button will start to Blink
    > Press Same Button/Function on Le 1s
    > You are done. Now same way configure other functions.
  • Call Recorder : The option to record calls it’s a built-in feature of EUI and works better than most of the third-party apps. When you are dialing someone or getting a call you will get the record option on the screen using which you can record the entire conversation. The recording is saved automatically and can be accessed using the recorder app.

    le1s-call record

    le1s-call record





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