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Le 1s

Rs 10,999
Le 1s









          Rear Camera


            Front Camera


              Battery Usage


                Battery Charge







                      • - Premium Design
                      • - Display
                      • - 3GB RAM
                      • - 32GB Inbuilt Memorry
                      • - USB Type C
                      • - Finger Print Scanner
                      • - IR Blaster
                      • - Quick Charge
                      • - Sound
                      • - Price


                      • - Low light Camera
                      • - Front Cam
                      • - Heating Up
                      • - Battery Run Time
                      • - EUI
                      • - Missing Earphones
                      • - No NFC

                      When we talk of Indian Smartphone Market, The most spoken and influential Smartphone in the market is Le 1S. Over 500k registrations in the first 3 days, 70k Mobiles sold in less than three seconds.

                      After reading lot of reviews from users, decided to compile the major Reviews and Post it on Site. Even in my whatsapp group, Almost 50% if the guys bought Le 1s.

                      The key attractions of Le 1s :

                      1. 3GB RAM coupled with 32GB ROM
                      2. Finger Print Scanner
                      3. IR Blaster
                      4. Premium Looks and Design
                      5. Above all, The Price at which all the features are offered. 

                      Still, Most of the users have some typical questions in Mind. Let’s try to answer all the questions. Plus points are given in green and negative in Red.

                      Design and Display

                      Premium Design and looks. No two doubts, Looks like iPhone, but very well crafted. Display is amazing with a wide view angle. I am not writing much about it, as this part is very much impressive. You wont regret purchasing Le 1s for Design.

                      For Display, I can summarize in few words : High Brightness and Real Life Color Reproduction.

                      Let me clarify one point, This is not a True Bezel-less Smartphone, you will get narrow Bezel which is 1.6 mm.


                      Here also, Le 1s beats all the other smartphones in and above the price range. Though, It’s not a direct competitor of Oneplus One and Two, but If i take a budget and premium smartphone with features, Every one should go for Le 1s. Strongly recommended.

                      Yes, Two issues are still there, That’s heating up of Smartphone while streaming Videos, 4G and on charging. But, LeEco Team has already confirmed that they are upgrading the software, and this issue will be taken care of. Please note at the moment Le 1s can shoot up to a temperature of 45 degree, while as per norms and standards, it should be below 40 Degree.

                      Please note that Heating up issue reported by some users, NOT ALL. 

                      2nd key point is Poor RAM Management, When you start up the Phone, you hardly get 1.2GB RAM free, which is not good by any standards.

                      Two key points Le Team should work on : How to Optimize / Manage RAM and sort out Heating up issue. Here, I will suggest, use a Third party App for RAM Management.

                      At high temperatures, some of the functions may not work properly / may not work even, which includes camera, fingerprint scanner, Do not panic, give it a cool down time.


                      This is purely Personal Choice. But what i felt, lot of users are always talking of MiUI. I am not a big time fan of any UI. For me every thing works well. But going by user Reviews ” UI needs improvement “.

                      Honestly speaking, My review was done , the day I heard the specs – 32GB Internal Memory and price Tag of 10,999 ( 10 % cashback for Axis Bank ).

                      UI is similar to iOS, specially when you install an app, you get a blue dot in front of app – This is new App, have not been used.


                      Lot of users have been complaining about Battery Run time or On Screen Display time , which lasts around 3-4 hours. Battery Drainage is high ( not in standby Mode, but while using the smartphone, say Moderate Usage ). In moderate usage, Normally it should clock a time of say around 5~6 hours, but it’s still on 3~4 hours. Remember One point, It’s too early to judge a battery performance. It takes around 5~7 days to measure battery performance – we need around 3 cycles of charge and recharge, and temperature while charging.

                      Another point which you should do is : Use ” Battery Assistant ” which is given in Ultra Long Stand by Mode.

                      In my opinion, all this is compensated by Ultra Fast Charge, which can charge your smartphone fully in 90 minutes.


                      Le 1s needs to work in this area. Outdorr pictures are good, but the real test of camera is always indoors or low light conditions, where Le 1s failed to impress. Another

                      If you are purchasing a smartphone just for Camera replacement, Le 1s is not for you. 

                      Features – Finger-Print Scanner

                      Finger Print scanner is not very fast, but yes it’s accurate. Let’s say out of 10, accuracy is 8~9. Trust me, Apple is also same. It all depends, how you scan your finger.

                      Some of the features which are impressive :

                      • iOS Style UI
                      • Backlit Buttons
                      • IR
                      • 360 degree finger print scanner
                      • Colored Notifications light – Green for notification / yellow for unread / Orange for charging
                      • External Speakers Sound

                      Call / Sound Quality

                      Call quality is smooth. No frequent call-Drops noticed. The sound quality is too good. You can actually feel the depth of sound acroos the whole room. The Grill speakers are delivering a loud and clear sound.

                      Overall Verdict

                      Though, Le 1s got more features than the price offered. I read so many reviews, specially about heating up, battery drainage and camera quality. The fact is, even if we purchase Premium Smartphones, still we feel, some features are missing, Like in case of Galaxy S6 – Flagship of 2015, but screen size is small.

                      Le 1s beats all the Smartphones below 15k, as it’s equipped with 32GB, which is a very rare feature for low end smartphones.

                      Summarizing this Phone in One Line ” Jack of All Trades, Master of None “.

                      Before you purchase this Smartphones, Please prepare yourself for following points :

                      • Heating up issues – This is not yet confirmed, but even if it’s there, May go with update ( Only for some users – Not All )
                      • Battery Drainage is fast – Reported by most of the users
                      • Camera quality is not up-to mark, specially in dark.
                      • USB C Type cable is not available at all places, Never forget the cable
                      • Be prepared to buy a Power Bank

                      If you face problems with wi-fi login screen, Please use another browser.


                      1. Has it got Corning Gorilla Glass ? 

                      yes, Le 1s is equipped with Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

                      2. Does it support External Memory ?

                      No, Le 1s does not support External Memory.

                      3. Does it Support OTG ?

                      Yes, it does.

                      4. The phone is heating up as complained by some users ?

                      Some users have faced this issue, specially on 4G and Gaming. I have confirmed from some users, phone does not have heating up issue. Still, LeECO Team has replied ” We hear you superfans, We are working on software “. So do not worry about this issue.

                      5. How is RAM Management ?

                      On the first bootup, you get 1.5GB Free. Reset it to factory settings once. It’s Android version issue, Once upgraded, RAM Management will be better. Till than you can use a Third Party App.

                      6. How much Memory User gets on start-up ?

                      Out of 32 GB, User gets 24GB. System takes 7.43GB.

                      7. Can I use Le 1s as Universal Remote ?

                      Yes , Le 1s has IR Blaster and it supports Universal Remote.

                      8. Can I remove battery ?

                      No, It has Uni-body design, and battery is non-removable.

                      9. Does It support Quick charge ?

                      Yes, Le 1s has one of the fastest charger. It can charge from 10 % to 100 % in 90 minutes.

                      10. Will  I get Proper Service Support across India ?

                      Yes, LeEco got 450 Service Centers PAN India and it’s a free pick up Service. ( As confirmed by Le During launch )

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