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LG G4 Touchscreen issues and possible solution


LG G4, In my opinion is one of the best smartphones, but still it got issues, for which Android Authority found certain solutions, and we are sharing with you.

Touchscreen issue is one of the major issues with the LG G4. What’s this issue :

G4 screen not registering taps and swipes, or, sometimes happening with a delayed response, creating problems with using features like Knock Code. Some users have even complained of whole sections, mostly up top, not working at all, making it difficult to access the notification dropdown. Users have also found the default LG keyboard to be very laggy.

What could be the possible solution :

  • first step is to check whether your screen got issues or no, open the Dialer and enter 277634#*# or 3845#*Model# (where model is the version of the device, e.g. 811, 815, etc.) to enter the Service Menu. Go to Device Test – Service Menu – Manual Test – Touch Draw Test – Manual.
  • Now you can touch, tap, and swipe on the test area and watch for any missed touches,should be indicated by the lack of a red mark in that area.
  • If you cannot access the service menu, download third party app app like Multitouch Test from the Google Play Store, and see if there are any issues with the touchscreen.
  • For LG Keyboard lag, LG is rolling out a software update to tackle this problem, and this seems to have alleviated the issue. If you haven’t received this update, you can try a third-party keyboard from the Google Play Store, but some users have reported similar problems with these as well.
  • Some users have found the issue to reduce or go away completely by using “Force GPU Rendering” in the Developer Options. To unlock these settings, go to Settings – General – About Phone – Software Info and tap on the build number continuously until you see the “You are now a developer” message. Now go to Developer Options in the Settings menu, and activate Force GPU Rendering.
  • For some users that have used screen protectors, the fix has been as simple as just removing it.
  • For those users finding whole sections of the screen unresponsive to touch, this is likely a hardware fault, and picking up a replacement may be your only option.

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