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LG reveals active bending display at CES 2015

LG reveals 6″ Dual Edge Active Bending Display at CES 2015

Las Vegas is famous for Entertainment but at CES 2015, it becomes a war ground for Electronics. Every company reveals new technologies beyond human imagination.

LG Active Bending Edge Display

As expected, This time again ,It is Mobile and TV technology endless war between two arch rivals : LG and Samsung. Last year , Samsung revealed Galaxy Note Edge, but at CES 2015, LG Display surprised every one by revealing 6″ Dual Edge Active Bending Display.

During this Private meeting , LG revealed the possibility of G4 launch with a very innovative technology. Ken Hong, Director Corporate Communication, LG clearly mentioned ” We cant just sit and relax and enjoy the premium image of G3. Consumers dont just go by name but expect us to be different from crowd”.

All this indicates, quite possible, LG may launch G4 with Active bending Display screen. Though, it may not be easy to manage 6″ Dual edge Active Bending display practically but you never know, how actual consumers take it.

Picture courtesy News24.


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