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LG V10 on T-Mobile gets Android Marshmallow


On  Monday April 11 T-Mobile’s software update page was updated to show that the Android 6.0 Marshmallow as completed. The update page says that is the update weighs in at 1.03 GB. The carrier started the OTA roll-out process goes from April 11th to May 6th. If you don’t want to wait for the update you can get it manually by going into the system settings and checking for the update



Another way you can get the update is by using the LG Bridge application on your PC. All you have to do is plug you V10 into your computer, fire up LG Bridge, and click the update tap and  follow the prompts and you should be good to go.One thing that was odd is that the LG Bridge said that the update was 1.79 GB versus the T-Mobile update page which said 1.03 GB. Another thing that struck me as odd is that the V10 update page says that it’s the Android 6.0.1 update which includes the new emojis, but it’s actually only Android 6.0. The LG V10 is the last LG device on T-Mobile to get the Marshmallow update which is a little surprising since it’s the newest and best (in terms of specs) on the update page. Even the LG G Stylo got the update before the V10 and that’s a midrange device! When ever I mention this to people they always blame it on the second screen, but I don’t see that as a valid excuse. The only new function that the second screen has acquired is the ability to swipe through it in both directions rather then one, which I argue should have been there from the start. Of course I could be wrong, and the second screen does cause conflicts with other system code that slows down the update process, but that doesn’t seem likely.

There are many welcome improvements and features that come with the update. The update brings most of the major Marshmallow features like doze mode, app permissions, and Google Now on Tap. Unfortunately not all of Marshmallow’s features made the cut. One 6.0 feature that I was really looking forward too was adaptive storage, bur that doesn’t seem to have been included. There has also been some small UI enhancements. When you use direct share you are now able to speed up the process because now frequently shared combinations of apps and people will be on recommended. Another small, but nice touch is the inclusion of a dedicated silent mode. There’s also been some new Knock Code requirements. You must use at least six taps and at least 3 different quarters in your Knock Code. While were on the topic of security it would be a good time to mention that the 6.0 update comes with the March 1st security patch, which is good because up until now the V10 wasn’t getting any security updates. Another new feature that I really like is peeking. Peeking is where when you get a notification it appears on the top of the main screen. Which I now realize is kind of useless if you have the second screen enabled, but it’s still nice that it’s there. There has also been an addition of new, better, and smoother animations throughout the UI. The Memory (RAM) settings as well as the application settings have been revamped, and there has now been a inclusion a Google settings button in the settings menu. All these new features (with the exception of the second screen) have also come to the G4, G3, and G Stylo. There are a couple neat  things that only come to the T-Mobile variant of these devices however. T-Mobile has included Advanced Messaging as well as Video calling, which is a nice touch. There has also been a big improvement to the fingerprint scanner. The sensor is much faster and accurate then it was before. Tel me how the Marshmallow update has been treating you in the comments below, and keep a lookout for new interesting posts on the site.


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