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Is your Mac slow or draining battery way too fast !!! we might have the answer


If your mac is way too slow, and or, draining battery way too fast. We may have the right solution for you. Before that, I have a question for you !!! Which browser you are using ??

If your answer is Google Chrome, Read till end. You will find the right answers and solutions. We have logical reasons, you should avoid using Google Chrome on your Mac OS X, and why ?

Battery Drainage

Never use Google Chrome when MacBook is running on Battery. It consumes almost half of the battery life even you are not playing music or video on Chrome. When you play YouTube or stream any online video, your MacBook Pro (Retina 13-inch) would probably die in 3 hours. Have a look at these Screenshots of Activity Monitor.

Google Chrome has too much impact on battery life, but Safari is very nicely optimized. If you are outside with your laptop, and need to run it little longer, never launch Google Chrome Browser unless you have something specifically to do with it.

When Using Chrome to Browse Website (No Music, No Video, No Flash)


Playing YouTube on Google Chrome


Google Chrome consumes more RAM

Are you aware of the fact that Google Chrome consumes much more RAM compared to Safari. However, Mozilla Firefox is the heaviest one,  seems to be the world’s slowest browser after Internet Explorer. However, I need it for some specific purpose that can’t be achieved with Safari or Chrome. Here is an screenshot to tell how much RAM Chrome consumes.


Safari is the best browser and well optimized for Mac, and it is doesn’t go hard on RAM, Battery and CPU. So get the habit of using Safari. Avoid using Chrome, especially when your MacBook is running on Battery. Disable Chrome and live Tension free.




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