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Natural Phenomenons – Beyond Technology


Everyday we think of New Technologies , whether Its home equipment or mobiles or cars.

But, We always forget Nature is the biggest technology. Nature is the mother of all. So many wonderful Phenomenons are there which can be called as ” Natural Miracles of Science “.

Nature has always influenced me and I could not stop myself from creating this page.For few, Science can explain and some are left unexplained.

Here are few phenomenons which are worth discussing :

1. Jindo Moses Miracle > Korea : Every year, In Korea, Sea divides in two parts creating a narrow way between  Jindo Island and Modo Island. This narrow way is almost 40 meters wide and 2.9 km long. Amazing point is, This happens just for one Hour.

Jindo sea

Natural Phenomenon – Jindo


2. Danxia Landforms > China :

Colorful Rock formation is again amazing colorful architecture of Nature. If I tell any interior decorator to design office or home in such colorful way, I think it still wont come same.


Natural Phenomenons – Danxia


Natural Phenomenons









3. Volacanic Lighting > Japan :

Lightning strikes Japan’s Sakurajima volcano as it spews red-hot lava, creating a terrifyingly beautiful display. No one knows exactly how volcanic lightning occurs, but scientists hypothesize that charge separation is responsible. As fiery magma, ash, and rock clash with cooler air, oppositely charged particles separate from each other. A lightning bolt forms to balance the charge distribution. The biggest volcanic storms may pack as much power as the massive, tornado-spawning supercell thunderstorms.

volcanic lighting

Natural Phenomena

volcanic lightining

Natural Phenomena










4. Flammable Ice Bubbles > Alberta, Canada > Abraham Lake 

Like clouds perched in the sky on a windless day, the white and billowy bubbles in the frozen blue waters of Alberta, Canada’s Abraham Lake. These buoyant bubbles aren’t air, they’re methane and they’re trapped inside the frigid lake. That is, until spring comes and the ice starts to

Flamabble bubbles

Alberta Lake

Natural Bubbles

Albert Lake canada













5. Christmas Island Crabs >

Each year, the land-dwelling Christmas Island red crab takes an arduous and shockingly precise journey from its earthen burrow to the shores of the Indian Ocean where weeks of mating and egg laying await.

Natural Phenomenons

Red Crabs

christmas island crabs1

Christmas Island Red Crabs MIgration

christmas island crabs3

Christmas Island Red Crabs MIgration






























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