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The Note 7’s curved display could spell doom for the S line down the road

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 is proving to be a smash hit for the company. Bringing to the table a lot that we’ve come to love about the S7, The Note 7 is pushing Samsung forward and helping it retain its dominance over the other Android OEM’s. One thing that’s special about the Note 7 is the fact that it utilizes a curved display like it’s little brother, which adds great easthetics to the handset, but this could potentially be a misstep for the company, and could mean trouble for the S line.
The S line and the Note line have grown to be synonymous with powerful performance and quality hardware, but these two lines could not be more different in terms of their intended markets. Of course, the Note line is more for the power users and productivity nuts out there, offering the large screen and the ground breaking S Pen. For those who wanted a little bit more than the latest Galaxy S, there’s always the latest Galaxy Note. There was always enough to differentiate the two lines as to please two separate markets. That fact was only made more true when the S line took on the curved display. While it’s true that it began with the Note Edge that came about in 2014, the Galaxy S6 was really the first phone to do it right, and the S line had a smash hit feature of its own. With that, Samsung had two titans out there, the S line with its unique edge feature, and the Note line with its S Pen. But now, we have the Note 7 that has the edge display. What will samsung do to make these two lines different in the ling run? Imagine if the upcoming LG V20 came with a modular design like the G5. Now that the V line is modular, what’s next for the G line? What would keep these two devices apart?
If both the next iteration of the S line and the next iteration of the Note line share the edge display, then what will the S line have to put it over the top. The next Note will already have the super sharp display like the next S, the super fast processor like the Next S, the robust and feature rich Touchwiz interface like the next S, and premium build like the Next S. The S Pen can’t be the only factor that separates these two products for long. With the Note now sporting the edge display, many people will think it smarter just to wait for the next Note rather than putting the money forward for the next S. 2016 is a runaway year for Samsung, but 2017 may prove difficult, as people will be wondering what the benefit of buying a Galaxy S is. It may have been better to leave the edge off of the Note 7 because even without it, it still brings a handful of welcome improvements and features that pleases the masses without basically sabotaging its brother device line. Here’s hoping that Samsung knows what it’s doing!
What do you guys think? Do you think that the edge display on the Note is a good idea, or a not so good one? Let me know in the comments below.

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