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Online dating has been picking up a lot, whether its personal meeting or no cam, as you try to hide your identity. What is revealed is your email id or Mobile number for personal meetings. But, it can be way too dangerous as you never know who is real and who not !!

Even google has understood the risk of Online Dating and very common scenario ” Revenge Porn ” which is a big threat. Recently there have been cases where Persons got access to females email id’s and stole pictures and sold the pictures at a price to some websites.

Now, Search engines have also stood against pictures submitted without consent. If you are trapped in this, Instead of keeping quiet, simply write to Google and yahoo to remove pictures and your request will be honored.

Amit Singhal , Sr. Vice President, Google stated  “in the coming weeks , Google will publish a Web form for victims to make their removal requests.We know this won’t solve the problem of revenge porn—we aren’t able, of course, to remove these images from the websites themselves—but we hope that honoring people’s requests to remove such imagery from our search results can help.”

In a recent case in US, One person stole passwords of the ladies including gmail accounts and Facebook accounts and stole personal pictures and also contacted her FB friends after going through the personal profiles. This guy Evens utilized a social engineering scheme in which he tricked Gmail account holders into providing the recovery code , which is as an additional security measure for all Gmail users.

Once he got control of Gmail account, it was easy to crack FB and other social medias.

How persons get access to your email accounts and passwords

  • Use your personal Laptop and take out passwords from Browser settings
  • Install malware in laptops like key typing ( works in back grounds and store the key words you type )
  • Some time open access to Remote control
  • Demand your email id and password to retrieve their lost passwords
  • Some time get control of Mobile phones to retrieve OTP
  • Get access to CC or Debit Card and take out pin from Mobile Phones

Key Tips to avoid Mr. Wrong from your Dating

  • Always and Always demand persons pictures and identifications before Dating, If a person is genuine he won’t object
  • Always cross verify from social media like FB, Twitter, LinkedIn.
  • As a thumb Rule, keep your privacy, like never give access to Laptop, Personal Mobile, Email accounts
  • If some one demands money on any grounds whether Business or Emotional, Leave the scenario at once.
  • Never ever share your Mobile Number or Residence Details in the initial meetings. Always demand for persons Mobile number and call from skype or some other service.
  • Use Video call most of the time to see a person in real. If he avoids, Avoid him.
  • Remember to call the person at odd times, like in evening or night or early morning, Reason being if he is married, he will avoid your calls, disconnect the call or the excuses like i am busy, will call you back in 10 minutes.
  • Always avoid personal meetings at your place or in Hotels, till you are sure. Meet in Public place always
  • Never ever allow any one to take your personal pictures, your reputation and respect is always at stake
  • Do visit his work place and gather information
  • Watch a person’s behavior, If the guy is wrong he will surely give you the wrong signs, like excuses or anger, when you ask for details.
  • When you share pictures, Try to remove personal info like where and when it was clicked.
  • Last but not the least, If some one proposes way too fast, avoid it.
  • Avoid Drinks in your initial Dates. Its preferable if you take one of your friends.
  • Keep informed about your dating place to one of your friends. In case of any danger or issues, immediately call your friend.

Better be safe than Sorry

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