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The next oversized tablet will be coming from Lenovo


Not too long ago, a device that made some waves in the mobile tech world was the Samsung Galaxy View. In a world of 7, 8 and 10 inch tablets, the 18 inches of the View caused us to question Samsung’s motives. While it had its uses, that giant slab did not sell well (then again, neither are tablets in general). Well it looks like another company is looking to try its hand at making a giant tablet, and looks to impress. Lenovo is set to release an 18.4 inch tablet in the near future, though to very little fanfare.
What we know so far about it is the fact that it’ll sport a mid ranged SoC from the Snapdragon 600 series.That should offer some decent performance… well that coupled with the impressive 4 gigabytes of RAM. That crushes the 2 gig’s found in the View. It’ll also probably have 64 gig’s of storage. What makes us know that Lenovo is pretty serious about this tablet is the fact that it’ll come with a QHD display (2560 x 1440) and have Android 6.0.1 out of the box.
Anyone would be foolish to think that this tablet is intended for typical tablet functions, (it’ll be pretty awkward playing Crossy Road on an 18 inch device). It’s not a stretch to think that it’ll be for consumption of movies, shows and Youtube; and a screen at QHD resolution should offer a nice viewing experience. Anything other that, and maybe some light computer work, would take anytablet user outside of their comfort zone. The fact that it ships with 64 gigabytes of RAM and will have A ndroid 6.0.1 does make us question if this device is actually intended to be used like a regular tablet though. If not for media consumption or typical tablet functions, then it could possibly be intended for schools; maybe a (hopefully) cheaper alternative to iPads. Whatever the intention, it’s always exciting to see a company pay attention to the languishing tablet market, now let’s see if it’ll be something new, or just another View.

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